Naming Ceremony Celebrant in Blacktown and all Suburbs

Naming Day Celebrant Blacktown

Naming day celebrant Blacktown – it is always a very special occasion, celebrating a naming ceremony. We welcome the young child into the family and the community. Even though it was so quite hot, I think temperature reached 40. But the celebrations went on, and we were quite lucky as the rain started just as we finished the name giving ceremony.

We nominated the godparents and talked about their and the grandparents’ role in helping raise the young child. You can call them godparents, mentors, life guides or guardians. It is your choice. 

So, congratulations to the proud parents and obviously to the young baby. Also, a very meaningful name, we talked about the meaning of the name – Eve, meaning life as she is the parents’ rainbow child.

We also presented certificates, as you receive 10 FREE personalized designed certificates.
You can choose from different borders to further personalize the certificates to your choice. 


Contact me anytime so we can start planning your child’s very special naming ceremony.

Naming day celebrant Blacktown

Naming day celebrant Blacktown