Marrying in Australia

Marrying in Australia is Easy with the help of
Sydney Marriage Celebrant

Yes, It is really simple to have your wedding ceremony in Sydney!!!

Just 3 steps –

  1. Sign the NOIM (I will email you the form)
  2. Have valid passports, Divorce/death papers ( if applicable, when you arrive in Australia)
  3. Get married!!!

Regardless of what country you are coming from, I can help that dream come true!

Have your Wedding Ceremony in Beautiful Sydney

  • So all you need to do is follow the Australian legal requirements. Generally, your marriage will be legal in your own country. (you should check with your own relevant authority)
  • There are no government fees. Except for your marriage certificate, and an apostille stamp -you should check if it is required by your home country.
  • You can get married any time, almost any place (beaches. gardens, parks, onboard a boat in the beautiful Sydney harbour indoor, outdoor)
  • There is no limit to what you may include in a legal civil marriage.
  • You do not have to choose between a totally secular or a religious ceremony. We can include any music and readings either with religious connotations or other readings & prayers. As it is a civil ceremony.
    Except for some legal wording requirements during the service, we can create a beautiful ceremony just for you.
  • We can communicate entirely either by emails, fax, phone, skype, or post.
  • Everyone speaks English. But if you are not native English- speakers, Australia is one of the most multicultural countries on earth.

You Don’t Need to-

  • be a resident/citizen in Australia for any length of time. I can actually marry you on the day you arrive.
  • stay in Australia for any length of time after the wedding
  • participate in pre-marriage education
  • have any medical examination or certificates.
  • have any blood tests done.
  • get identification documentation about your parents (only information that is required for the NOIM)
  • have the consent of parents/guardians if you are over 18 (as 18 is the legal age to marry in Australia)
  • follow any specific dress code
  • exchange rings – if you don’t want to
  • change your name

After Your Marriage
If you want an Official Marriage Certificate, I can arrange that for you. (same day or the following day)
None British Commonwealth Residents  from all other countries:
So If you live in a non-British Commonwealth country, as well as obtaining your Registered Marriage Certificate, you will also need to obtain an Apostille stamp from the Dept of Foreign Affairs in Sydney, so you can register your marriage in your country of residence.

So I will be more than happy to help you organize your special day here in Australia.

Please contact me for more details.
Celebrate your  wedding ceremony
An amazing location for a wedding with Sydney Opera House and Sydney Bridge in the background.

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