Quick Easy Wedding Ceremony in Sydney

Easy Wedding

Why not have an Easy Wedding? Have an affordable wedding ceremony any day of the week. 
This lovely couple wanted exactly that. All they wanted was to tie the knot in the easiest and fastest way possible.
So we communicated mostly via the phone. I emailed them the NOIM, which is the form each couple has to fill in before a wedding. This actually starts the legal procedure. The couple chose to have it signed by a JP, rather than coming over to my place. Following my guidance, they then posted the notice to me which enabled me to lodge the form online.

We planned the ceremony together. As they were really after a short sweet, though legal wedding ceremony. Still, we had a lovely midday ceremony in the green big backyard with lots of photos.

C0ntact me so I can assist you to plan your wedding the way you want it. 

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