Easy Wedding, Simple Wedding Ceremony in Sydney

Easy Wedding

Easy weddings in Sydney affordable wedding ceremonies any day of the week or weekend, any time and any location. All weddings include ALL legal wedding services and are always beautiful wedding ceremonies.
Some wedding packages can be even cheaper than a wedding ceremony at the BDM’s registry while still receiving the full wedding service. 

Enjoy weddings in Sydney with best affordable wedding packages

Get married stress-free and enjoy the journey to your big day, your wedding ceremony.
As your celebrant, I will take care of all the legal paperwork and prepare an unforgettable wedding ceremony for you.

Regardless of whether your wedding ceremony is big or small, as your wedding ceremony celebrant you will receive the same wedding service and commitment in creating the best ceremony.

An easy wedding doesn’t mean sacrificing the importance or significance of the event. It’s about simplifying the process and focusing on what truly matters: celebrating your love and commitment with your loved ones. 

You can choose from 4 wedding packages of easy weddings in Sydney.

View just a few Simple Weddings in Sydney.

Simple Weddings 

  • Lodgement of the NOIM.
  • A beautiful meaningful ceremony.
  • 1 meeting or no meeting – your choice.
  • All the legal paperwork for your wedding.
  • Sound system for the ceremony and your music.
  • Contacts to top reliable wedding suppliers in Sydney.
  • The marriage certificate as well as marriage registration.
  • Unlimited contact with your marriage celebrant for the ceremony.
  • A stress-free hassle-free enjoyable journey all the way to weddings in Sydney.
  • So enjoy your relaxed wedding in Sydney with a top experienced marriage celebrant.

Simple Ceremonies

Simple weddings in Sydney are now possible and easy.
When we lodge the NOIM, you are not locked in with any of the wedding packages and can change any time with NO extra cost.

Let’s make your journey to your wedding day a fun and enjoyable one, and have an easy wedding.

Wedding ceremonies, Cheaper than at the NSW BDM registry office, but way more personalized and fun 🙂
If you are after a simple wedding ceremony, still special,  then we can do exactly that. 

Most couples want exactly that. A hassle-free wedding ceremony. Many couples wish to tie the knot in the easiest nicest no-stress, sometimes quickest possible way, and a relaxed journey to the wedding day.

We can meet or communicate via phone and email.  I can email you the latest updated NOIM, which is the form each couple has to fill in before any wedding. Ledgement of the NOIM actually starts the legal procedure and it’s the only legal wedding procedure needed by the couple.
You can either fill in the NOIM  yourself and sign it with me electronically or come over to my place where we lodge the form together on the BDM registry site. 

View many fun relaxed weddings in my beautiful green garden.

How to Have a Simple Wedding– 

  1. A Smaller Guest List: Limit the number of guests to close family and friends. A smaller guest list often means less stress and a more intimate atmosphere.
  2. Friendly affordable Celebrant: Who will officiate the ceremony and attend to all legal procedures.
  3. Outdoor Venue: Consider an outdoor wedding, which can be more relaxed and require fewer decorations. Beaches, gardens, or a backyard can be great options.
  4. Simple Decorations: Opt for minimal decorations to reduce setup and teardown time. Use natural surroundings or choose a venue with its own charm.
  5. Casual Attire: Choose casual or semi-casual wedding attire for a more relaxed vibe. This can also make it easier for guests to find appropriate outfits.
  6. Choice of Catering: Depending on your preferences and budget, hire a caterer for a buffet-style meal.
  7. DIY or Minimal Flowers: Reduce costs by either creating your own flower arrangements or opting for fewer flowers. Alternatively, consider non-traditional centerpieces like candles or succulents.
  8. Weekday Wedding: Consider a weekday wedding as venues are often less expensive and more available.
  9. Wedding Party:  simplify your wedding party by choosing an affordable wedding venue.
  10. Digital Invitations: Send digital invitations to save on paper and postage costs. Online RSVPs can also simplify guest management.
  11. Elopement: For the simplest and most stress-free option, consider eloping with just the two of you or a few close witnesses.
  12. Music Playlist: Create a playlist of your favorite songs instead of hiring a DJ or live band. You can even have a friend or family member be the DJ.
  13. Skip Certain Traditions: Decide which wedding traditions are important to you and your partner and skip the ones that don’t hold personal significance. For example, you might opt out of the garter and bouquet toss or a formal cake cutting.

Contact me so I can assist you in planning your wedding the way you want it. 
Some relaxed weddings in Sydney.

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