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 Personalized Naming Ceremonies,
Beautiful Naming Days

 A Meaningful Naming Ceremony Includes:

  • A free package of information containing: Guidance to parents, godparents and grandparents, Parents’ and godparents a collection of pledges to help organize the day.
  • As well as a collection of Poems or Readings.
  • A welcome by Celebrant.
  • Acknowledgment of special people in the child’s life, such as grandparents and great-grandparents.
  • Appointment of godparents.
  • Presentation of 1 Naming Certificate.
  • Name giving Certificate to the child.
  • A presentation / commemorative Keepsake copy of the ceremony.
  • Godparent / Guardian / Mentor participatory choices.
  • Grandparent / Great Grandparent participatory choices.
  • Arrive at the ceremony 20 minutes before the scheduled starting time.
  • A guarantee of my total familiarity with your ceremony while my part will be read with total interest and sincerity.
  • I will dress to suit the occasion.
  • A positive message of unity at the conclusion of the ceremony.
  • Your choice of extra rituals. (material is not included)
  • Use of my PA system. (including a CD/ iPod/USB player)
  • Your input is much important and welcomed.
  • In addition, unlimited access to me regarding ceremonial matters.

Get a FREE Package for Best Name Day Ceremony

  • Poems & Readings.
  • Advice to Godparents.
  • And Godparents’ promise.
  • Collection of Parents’ pledges.
  • 11 steps for planning the ceremony.
  • Scheduling your baby naming ceremony.
  • How to get the most out of your ceremony.

What is a Naming Ceremony?

Naming ceremonies are a special occasion for family and friends to get together and state publicly that it is the duty of all of us in the coming years, to present the child with a broad view of life. We also encourage them in the virtues that we all agree as valuable: honesty, integrity and compassion.

Name Days are not the same as Baptism or Christening. On Naming days, parents and family members and friends can have much more involvement in the ceremony. Parents state their love and commitment to the child as well as declare hopes for the child’s future. We specifically personalize and tailor-make these ceremonies to your child, naming them, nominating godparents/supporting adults or mentors, and talking about the role of the grandparents and the whole community in raising the child. 

Why have a Naming Ceremony?

Naming ceremonies are a wonderful celebration first of all to express joy, hope and acceptance. And furthermore, the ceremonies are a wonderful time to officially welcome your child into a loving circle of family and friends.

Who can have a Naming Ceremony?

Both babies and older children can celebrate Naming ceremonies. While at times we hold name-giving ceremonies on the occasion of the child’s first birthday, but not necessarily so. Therefore, we can celebrate this occasion either when the child is a few months old or a few years old.

Are Name Days Ceremonies like a party?

Name Giving Ceremonies are a lot of fun. Hence, there is usually a lot of noise from the youngsters, and the parents are at ease, relaxed, surrounded by family and friends. So yes, it is like a party, but a very significant one. 

Where can we celebrate your child’s Naming Ceremony?

We can celebrate your child’s naming day anywhere you want. So places such as home, in your backyard, in a park, any scouts hall, restaurants, or any other venue.

What is included in a Naming Ceremony?

So together we will prepare a unique naming ceremony script that most of all is a very personal one revolving around your child. In addition, you receive resource material to choose words and poems while also have a chance to express your feelings through poetry and words of commitment. Since your input is very important and encouraged, we really work together to create a beautiful name-giving ceremony. 

Who do we include in the Name Giving Ceremony?

We carefully word naming day ceremonies to include parents, godparents, grandparents and any family members and friends in a loving environment.  

Certificates at the Naming Ceremony
You receive up to 1 Naming Certificate for your child. 

Godparents in naming ceremonies
You can choose the godparents from within the family or circle of friends, either older siblings to be godparents of their younger sisters or brothers. Godparents should be wise, honest and trustworthy role models who will have the best interests of your children and your family at heart.

Grandparents in naming ceremonies
So grandparents receive special recognition, while of course, we acknowledge the important role they will play in the development of the child.

What rituals can we include in the Naming Day?

There are many naming ceremony ideas. In Addition, you might like to choose from the following rituals:
Rituals For a Naming Day to make that day extra special. There are many various symbols and rituals, such as the lighting of a naming candle.
a wish box,
the rose petals ceremony,
the sand ceremony,
balloon release,

Many more rituals. Most of all, it is going to be your choice.
Contact me today to book & secure the date, or if you would just like to discuss the naming ceremony. 

Just one Testimonial from many on the page

“Orna you delivered a wonderful naming day for our son Aryan while making the day feel extra special and meaningful. So your help with putting together the naming day was invaluable and we greatly appreciated everything. We hope to use you again for our next baby, thank you Orna!

Lauren & Mukesh “


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