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Fiance Immigration

Fiance Immigration Marriage Celebrant, Fiance visa, Free Celebrant’s letter, Immigrating to Australia Contact NOW & Get Best Assistance 0423 042 773

Easy with the help of an Experience Celebrant, JP
Specialising in Assisting with Visa Application

Only 3 Easy Steps:

  1. Lodge a Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM) with me, by meeting, post or email.
    We either lodge together online or I will provide you with the form.
  2. I can then issue you a FREE letter to Immigration addressed to the appropriate Australian Embassy handling your case confirming that I have received that notice.
    As a JP I can provide you with a certified copy of the Notice of Intended Marraige.
  3. Your partner then would lodge this letter with their application at the embassy in the country from where they are applying.

I am an authorized registered wedding celebrant here to help your partner get fiance visa, stress free process, as I successfully helped so many couples before. As I am also a JP and as such will be able to assist in authorizing different documents for you.

I can assist you where ever you are in Australia or overseas.

For couples who are overseas prior to the wedding, we can complete all the arrangements by telephone, e-mail, Skype, fax and by post.
So all you will need to do is fill in the NOIM, and I will take care of all the rest for you.

Documents celebrant needs to sight for lodgement of NOIM-

  • Your original birth certificates or passports. (Will see your partners’ at a later stage)
  • Divorce/death certificate if applicable. (I can also see them at a later stage)

Lodge the NOIM and obtain the letter to immigration
when you are in Australia and your partner is overseas- 

  • I am available seven days a week, so we can start the process as soon as possible. 
  • We lodge the NOIM together, I will then issue you the letter to immigration.
  • All you need to bring with you is either your passport or original birth certificate.
  • Your signature for lodgement of the notice and letter to immigration is sufficient. 

Lodge the NOIM and obtain the letter to immigration
when you are both overseas- 

  • I will email you the Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM).
  • Fill in the form, have it signed at the Australian embassy or consulate or notary.
  • Post & email me the form so that I can lodge it, then issue and post/email you a letter to immigration 

Contact me  for further information regarding the legal requirements and let me help you all the necessary documents for immigration.

Australian Government Department Department of immigration

Translating Documents For translating documents

Australia’s immigration laws offer visas to foreign people who are in relationships with Australians. The rules are very complex. Therefore, the following data is just to provide a general overview only; do not rely on it. So seek legal advice on your case. If you or your fiancé are applying for entry into Australia under the prospective marriage (fiancé), then consult your Migration Agent or visit http://www.immi.gov.au/  for any further details.

Also you can download the RelationshipVisas kit or visit http://mia.org.au/index.htm

Fiancé Visa

Australian residents wishing to bring to Australia a partner on a Fiance Visa can do so, while you also need to get legal advice.

Legal Advice

If you are going to apply, seek advice from a properly qualified and registered person.
A Marriage Celebrant or other interested person, can never give immigration assistance. You should consult with a properly qualified and registered person.

Relationship Visas

Hence, there are four main types of relationship visa. Most relationship visas are part of a two stage process that is used to test relationships before the Australian Government approves permanent residence; stage one is a two-year temporary visa, stage two is permanent residence. All relationship visas are with full work rights and unlimited ‘come and go’ travel rights. People in verifiable long term relationships can be approved immediately for a permanent visa if they provide the evidence Immigration requires.

1. Prospective Marriage Visa (Fiancé)

Easiest relationship visa to apply for; you will need less documents; arrive in Australia with full work rights; You can get permission to visit your fiancé in Australia while awaiting grant of Prospective Marriage visa also, must be outside Australia to apply and for visa grant; part of a unique three stage process to permanent residence (while there is extra bureaucracy, the result is the same); only available to heterosexual couples.

2. Spouse (Married)

Can apply in Australia*; allowed to stay in Australia on a ‘bridging visa’ while Immigration considers case; can seek work rights while awaiting visa grant*
Newly married couples can fail to meet Immigration requirements; hence, they must have very convincing proof of relationship. Hence, the legal definition of ‘what is a spouse’ is two and a half pages long.

3. Spouse (De Facto)

Can apply in Australia. You can stay in Australia on a ‘bridging visa’ while Immigration considers the case; moreover, can seek work rights while awaiting visa grant*

As a matter of fact, you must have very convincing proof of relationship dating back minimum of at least twelve months; the legal definition of ‘what is a spouse’ is two and a half pages long

4. Interdependent 

Can apply in Australia*; may stay in Australia on a ‘bridging visa’ while Immigration considers case; can seek work rights while awaiting visa grant.

Must have very convincing proof of relationship dating back minimum of twelve months; Hence, the legal definition of ‘what is a partner’ is two and a half pages long.

Not possible in all cases. So some cases are limited by the conditions on their current visa, their circumstances, or the lack of an appropriate visa. Seek legal advice before you apply.

If you haven’t got married yet, do not wed before seeking legal advice. As marriage does not guarantee you a visa.

Some Reviews –

“Orna was fantastic leading up to our wedding helping us with the preparations and also with using her JP qualifications with paper work we needed for a visa application. I would recommend Orna to anyone looking for a celebrant. ” Jeanet & Craig , May 2016