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Get an Affordable Celebrant Sydney for your Unforgettable Affordable Wedding ceremony.
Secure your wedding day with great marriage celebrant Sydney prices.
Book a friendly trusted experienced cheap celebrant while getting the full service with an added personal touch. A cheap marriage celebrant Sydney does not mean lesser service!
A cheap wedding is still a very special milestone in your life.
Also. it’s a great wedding option if you are looking at how to get married quickly in Australia. 

Choose from the best 4 wedding packages to suit you. 

Wedding Ceremonies Include the following Top Service

  • Lodgement of the NOIM.
  • All legal paperwork and proceedings. 
  • Marriage registration and marriage certificate.
  • Same-day online wedding registration on BDM site.
  • A stress-free no-hassle relaxed journey to your wedding.
  • An extremely reasonable fee for the full service you receive. 
  • Some weekend packages are CHEAPER than at the registry. 
  • A beautiful meaningful and unforgettable wedding ceremony.
  • My PA system so that the ceremony can be heard as well as play music.
  • Unlimited contact & full support from your celebrant for assistance and advice for the wedding. 

Now you can have a cheap marriage celebrant Sydney for your wedding ceremony. A wedding at the celebrant’s place in a beautiful green garden or high ceiling living room depends on the weather of course. A beautiful opportunity for the gorgeous photoshoots of your wedding ceremony.

Book a cheap wedding celebrant in Sydney and receive the full wedding service for a cheap wedding for you. A better option than getting married at the marriage registry office Sydney. 

So here’s a small wedding venue for a small wedding from my small wedding packages. Your wedding cost, the celebrant’s cost, or having a small wedding – does not reflect the service you are receiving here!

You can either have a wedding ceremony registry style just the two of you and your two witnesses.
Or you might want to have up to 20 guests celebrating with you your wedding ceremony, for just a minimal fee. 
Otherwise, you can have your wedding ceremony in Sydney at any other location of your choice, any day. 

Budget Wedding Sydney

A happy weekend wedding ceremony at my place, the celebrant’s backyard. A great location for budget wedding venues in Sydney.

Since the bride and groom had 10 guests coming over to celebrate with them, the setting for the wedding was amazing. Even though they were after a cheap easy wedding and a cheap wedding celebrant, we still made it very special and definitely a memorable wedding ceremony. 

The couple chose to have their wedding on the weekend in my big green backyard. I suggested to them to even bring some champagne so they could celebrate with their guests after the wedding. 

cheap celebrantMarriage celebrant Sydneycelebrants Sydneycheap-wedding-celebrant




Cheap Wedding Celebrant Sydney

Congratulations to this happy bride and groom and their lovely dog. 

A very special multicultural union as the groom is from India and the bride is from China while their dog is Australian. They are already a family with Suzie the dog who had a very special role today, as the ring bearer. 

The couple already had two big ceremonies, one back in China and another big one in India. Hence today the bride wore this beautiful dress her mother-in-law made for her in Indian.  Such vibrant beautiful colours. So they were really looking for cheap wedding celebrant Sydney.

cheap wedding celebrant sydneymarriage-celebrantcheap wedding celebrant sydneyCheap-celebrant




Thank you, Orna for making the wedding ceremony such a memorable experience for us. We truly appreciate it! We appreciate all the efforts you made to make the wedding ceremony a wonderful experience. You allow our dog Suzie to be part of our ceremony at your place which is very special for us. Special Thanks to your husband who not only clicked the lovely pictures but also kindly assisted Abhishek to put on boutonnière. We would highly recommend adding “Dogs permitted in a wedding ceremony at your place” on your website which would definitely attract dog parents like us. Abhishek & Leah Wedding Ceremony Sydney, June 2020

Wedding on a Budget

Congratulations to this young fun Nepali couple who tied the knot in my green beautiful garden surrounded by a few friends and celebrating drinking champaign. 

The couple chose to tie the knot here in Sydney while flying over home at a later stage to celebrate with their extended family and friends. So they were really looking for a wedding on a budget in Australia, for now. And I could offer a great wedding on a budget venue- my big green backyard garden.

We lodged the NOIM only 1 month prior to the ceremony, and as they are currently being students,  it was the best amazing fun wedding on a budget for the couple. 





Small Backyard Wedding

It was a small wedding ceremony in my backyard for only the couple, one sister as the ring bearer and their two witnesses.

The bride and groom are planning to celebrate a Renewal of Vows with their friends later on. As well as a big celebration at the bride’s home country in Malaysia. So basically, it’s like having three wedding events. How special. 

We lodged the NOIM just over a month ago, and as requested we need to wait at least one calendar month before you can tie the knot. 

marriage celebrants in Australiacheap-place-to-get-marriedbackyard-wedding




Cheap Celebrant Sydney

This was a small wedding of only 5 people present, (Sydney celebrant, the couple and 2 witnesses) in my green backyard garden is a perfect wedding location, celebrating a great happy milestone in the couple’s life.

You can book a cheap celebrant Sydney while you still receive full wedding service. Here, the cost of a celebrant does not reflect the wedding service you receive. These are beautiful garden weddings, any day of the week and at any time. We are not restricted to office times such as at the registry. Hence, this cost of a marriage celebrant in Sydney is very affordable. 

Tie the knot in a legal wedding ceremony, while later on, you can celebrate a Renewal of Vows ceremony in the presence of your family and friends. Or just have a big happy party.

We actually lodged the Notice of Intended Marriage close to 18 months ago as the couple was applying for PMV. I then issued them with a special letter to immigration indicating their plans of tieing the knot. Finally, the bride received the visa she so waited for to arrive in Australia and marry her fiance. 
So finding a cheap wedding celebrant ended up with a lovely beautiful garden wedding. 






Small Wedding Venue

A small wedding venue in Sydney is my green backyard garden. Just like this couple, you can enjoy a full wedding service with a cheap marriage celebrant in Sydney. Marriage celebrant Sydney prices don’t have to be high, but should definitely receive top service.

My wedding ceremony and celebrant packages Sydney include absolutely all the service.
So we lodged the NOIM just a couple of weeks ago. I then took care of all the legal paperwork and documentation.
The couple actually planned on celebrating their wedding ceremony at my place with around 20 guests. Due to the coronavirus restrictions, we could have only 5 people attending, which included the couple, the celebrant and their two witnesses.
They still dressed beautifully and arrived on the day with champagne!

So one of the cheapest and nicest ways to tie the knot in style would definitely be in my backyard.





Cheapest Way to Get Married NSW

Such a happy occasion for this couple who found love. Dear groom managed to bring over his bride from the Philippines and tied the knot in my big green garden.

The groom approached me only a few weeks prior to their desired wedding date. Of course, I was available and more than honoured to be their wedding officiant. 

The couple was surrounded by lots of family and some friends of the bride. And to celebrate their wedding ceremony, the couple poped out a few bottles of champagne to seep on with their guests. It is the cheapest way to get married in NSW – with style and top assistance from your marriage celebrant. 

My service obviously includes also all the legal procedure. 





Orna was our marriage celebrant and we were very happy with everything she has done for us. She helped us with the vows and during the entire process including the actual marriage ceremony at her beautiful garden. It was absolutely fantastic and everyone attended had the absolute highest opinion and enjoyed it very much. We would like to thank Orna for making our special day a really beautiful one. As we had limited financial means the wedding was very cost-effective and cost us less than just hiring a public space from the council. Thanks again for everything and we would very highly recommend Orna Binder to anyone considering to get married to use her service as your marriage celebrant.
Tibor & Joann Wedding Ceremony Sydney, March 2020

Cheap Celebrant

A backyard wedding on a sunny day is always a great way to celebrate small weddings. Regardless of the number of guests attending, it is a major milestone in the couple’s life. This lovely couple tied the knot in my green backyard garden with only two witnesses as their gusts. They were looking for a cheap celebrant as they are planning on having a big wedding celebration later on in the year, back in Indonesia with many family members and friends. 

So, for now, they just filmed the wedding ceremony and shared with the family.

There are many backyard wedding ideas. The bride and groom wrote their own wedding vows, which I had them ready on cue cards on the day. They also chose to indulge in a nice cake they brought with their guests straight after the ceremony. Congratulations!

1_backyard-wedding cheap-place-to-get-married





Dear Orna, Thank you so much for your great support and assistance. You made our day very special, thanks for your hospitality too. I won’t forget to let you know when we get to celebrate our wedding later. Thank you very much for the beautiful photos and I look forward to receiving the document from the registry. Have a great weekend!
Kind regards, Pamela and Erwin Wedding Ceremony Sydney, April 2020


Registry Office Wedding Ceremony

Congratulations to this cool couple who remarried in my green backyard.

The couple actually has been married before, got divorced, but love concurs all. So being their second time around marrying each other, they were really interested in a nice registry office wedding ceremony. 
They arrived with their two adult children and some family members to tie the knot once again in a simple relaxed wedding ceremony.





Simple Ceremonies

A lovely simple ceremony is exactly what the bride and groom wanted. 
We lodged the Notice of Intended Marriage more than a year ago followed by a few letters to immigration to help bring over the bride here to Australia. The NOIM is valid for 18 months.

So fast forward 14 months since the lodgement, and the couple arrived today with two family members as their witnesses. Anyone over the age of 18 can be a witness to the wedding. 
Congratulations to this young couple tieing the knot in my garden backyard in a simple ceremony.





She did a remarkable and incredible job. She helped us a lot all throughout the process. She was very kind and professional. She was flexible in everything you need and if ever you are confused with something, she will definitely explain it to you and make it easier to understand. Overall, she’s very nice to work with and a great marriage celebrant. Anna & Oliver
Wedding Ceremony Sydney, May 2020

Registry Wedding

A lovely Napoles couple tieing the knot in Sydney. We lodged together with the bride and groom the Notice of Intended Marriage exactly one month prior to their chosen wedding day. We always lodge the NOIM online, on the registry website, then print and sign the form. 

The couple arrived on the day with their two witnesses and some friends. The bride was wearing the traditional Napolese colourful dress. Just gorgeous. 

Since it was a cold rainy day, that did not make a difference. As we were still able to conduct a beautiful wedding ceremony indoors. The couple married in my big spacious living room while still also having a great opportunity for many beautiful wedding photos.

So a registry wedding does not have to be a dull boring wedding at the registry office. We can always make it a very special, personalized and unique wedding. 





Wedding with Kids

This was a very unique wedding. Just imagine when the children can witness their parents getting married. Even if they are too young to remember, there are the photos as evidence. 

We also had a sweet young girl as the ring bearer, the couple’s daughter who took the role of sitting her baby brother. Even if the kids don’t remember this day, it was still very special for the parents, and they’ve got the photos as evidence.

So the parents really wanted a simple wedding ceremony as well as a cheap wedding, as they are already a family. Instead of going to the registry and tieing the knot in an office, they chose to say their vows with a marriage celebrant and in a more friendlier, personal environment. 

 cheap-weddingsmall-wedding-packages backyard-wedding Sydney-celebrant




Hi Orna, Thank you so much for the beautiful photos and for an amazing wedding. It was exactly what we wanted! It was such a pleasure to meet you and your husband. Kind Regards, Angela & Adolfo
Wedding Ceremony Sydney, April 2020


Registry Marriage

It was a midweek wedding ceremony for the bride and groom who happily are expecting twin girls very soon.
So they arrived with one witness and a yummy wedding cake which we all shared after the wedding.
I managed to arrange for the second witness.

It was a great quick solution for them wanting to tie the knot and just enjoy a registry marriage as they have already celebrated with family and friends back overseas.

registry wedding

Registry Office Wedding

This young lovely couple was tossing between a quick affordable registry office wedding at my place and a big wedding at some venue.

After months of going forwards and backwards, and just before the 18 months validity of the NOIM expired, they decided to have a quick ceremony in Sydney and a bigger lavish celebration later on overseas. 
And as they now live in Qld, I also managed to arrange for them to pick up the official marriage certificate from the registry. 
Congrats, and happy future together.





Cheap Celebrant Sydney

The couple was after a registry wedding officiated by a cheap celebrant Sydney which is definitely a very special event when it is celebrated at the celebrant’s green backyard, as opposed to a ceremony at the registry’s office. 

The bride and groom were interested in a quick short wedding ceremony as their plans are to celebrate with family and friends at a later stage. So that’s precisely what we did.

We conducted their wedding ceremony exactly 1 month after we lodged the NOIM. At the time, only the groom could make it to my place for the lodgement of the NOIM, which is legal time. As we really need only one partner to the marriage to sign the NOIM at the time of the lodgement. 

And today, the couple arrived midday with just their two witnesses to tie the knot. Congratulations!

registry wedding

Budget Wedding Ceremonies (Low Cost)

This couple’s wedding was a very special love story with a twist.

So the couple celebrated their reception a few weeks earlier with lots of family and friends around. Yes, they chose to celebrate their marriage in an unusual way, and why not! First, the big reception followed a few months down the line with the legal wedding ceremony. 

So first, they surprised their guests with a big engagement party when they declared their love to the world. I actually officiated in their engagement party when they made promises to each other. As well as their intentions to, later on,  tie the knot. 

Roll on a few months, they just came over to my place to get legally married. It was all stress-free while I took care of all the paperwork. We had the small quite wedding ceremony outside with the green beautiful bush behind us, a great location for photos at my place. With just their two mothers as their witnesses.

Contact me so we can start planning and organize together your very special wedding ceremony.
My cheap wedding celebrant Sydney prices are very affordable and reasonable. 

Affordable Celebrant Sydney





Affordable Marriage in Sydney

It is so nice and extremely special to tie the knot in front of your children.

So this young family did just that, got married in my green leafy garden with their four children and some family friends attending too. There were lots of opportunities for photos and I also decorated the arch with rose flowers.

I took care of all the legal paperwork over the weekend, as I choose to register weddings online on the same day as the wedding. It was also very important for them to pick up the marriage certificate from the registry rather then it is sent to them. You might choose a cheap wedding celebrant Sydney, though you do receive the full service and caring. 

budget garden weddingwedding certificate and registration

Wedding with the family





Registry Wedding Sydney

It took exactly one calendar month for this couple to have their registry style wedding ceremony at my place. 

Legally we need to wait 1 month from lodgement of the NOIM till your wedding day. And that’s what we did with this lovely bride and groom. 

The groom contacted me enquiring on how fast can they get married. That same evening he came over to my place. We lodged together the NOIM online on the BDM’s website so that they can get married within a month. The bride was at the time overseas, so his signature was sufficient for the lodgement. 

Wedding celebrant Sydney cost includes applying for the official marriage certificate from the BDM. So I also organized for them to pick up the official marriage certificate from the BDM the following morning, as it was essential for the bride’s visa application. 





Cheap Wedding

Congratulation to this beautiful very much in love couple.

It might have been a cheap wedding for the couple, but certainly a great happy wedding celebration. After close to two years, the bride was finally granted the PMV, prospective marriage visa. We worked really hard and even had to lodge the NOIM twice as well as presenting twice the letter to immigration. And the day has finally come for the bride and groom to celebrate their union in marriage. Cheap wedding does not mean cheap service.

The couple chose to have their wedding ceremony at my place. A big green very spacious garden while they were surrounded by close to 10 friends. As suggested they brought champaign and a cake and they gladly took on the offer. It was quite an emotional ceremony, as they waited for this day for quite a long time. So a cheap wedding for the couple, which was still celebrated in style and class. 

affordable wedding celebrantAffordable wedding venueCheap wedding venue




Orna was amazing! She takes the time to get to know you before your big day, so when you are standing up there you feel comfortable and supported by this person. She also helped us to stay relaxed through the entire ceremony with her confidence and a warm smile. The ceremony was so beautiful and it was exactly as we wanted it. I would definitely recommend Orna to all my friends.
Ramiro & Maria Wedding Ceremony, July 2019

Registry Wedding Sydney, Successful PMV 

The bride resides in Australia while the groom was living in NZ. Finally, they managed to have their wedding ceremony at my place, an affordable wedding registry style. And that happened after a successful Prospective Visa Application, which I helped them with a special letter to immigration.

When one partner is in Australia trying to bring here their loved one to tie the knot, I can assist after lodgement of the NOIM. So even though they were after a cheap marriage celebrant, they got the full service.  The couple came over with just their two witnesses, it was a major milestone for them in their lives. Congratulations!

Registry home wedding

Quick Wedding Sydney

This lovely couple from South America is spending a few years here in Sydney working and enjoying everything Australia has to offer.

They fell in love and were looking for a quick hassle-free way to tie the knot. I’m glad they found me and so I could assist and make their dream come true in the easiest way possible. We lodged together the NOIM, and on their wedding day, they arrive with two of their friends, as obviously, their families are back at home. Congrats!





Beautiful Affordable Garden Wedding

You can enjoy now a beautiful relaxed FREE garden wedding any day of the week, any time. The couple has been together already for many years, and now the bride and groom were looking for a cheap marriage celebrant Sydney. Maybe a cheap celebrant Sydney, but with the full service!
We celebrated yesterday the wedding of this couple, in my green beautiful garden.

The B&G chose to get married on the weekend in my garden in a registry style wedding.
A wedding ceremony which is much cheaper than any wedding at the BDM registry in Sydney.





Small Wedding Package

A young lovely couple, both are still students who wanted to tie the knot in a small but still beautiful meaningful wedding. 

The bride and groom approached me exactly a month prior to their wedding day, which is the right minimal time to lodge the NOIM. We always need to lodge the Notice of Intended Marriage at least 1 calendar month before a wedding.

They arrived on the day with just their two witnesses and we conducted a sweet short ceremony in my backyard garden. They even chose to exchange rings while the bride presented the groom with a very chic gorgeous watch. 






Garden Wedding Ceremony

It is a great way to get married surrounded by your best friends around, especially when I previously married two of the couples attending the ceremony. So it was really nice to be highly recommended. 

This couple approached me a little bit more than a month before their wedding date. It was just enough as we need at least once calendar month to lodge the NOIM which starts the legal procedure. 

The B&G were after a short registry style wedding, but still, of course, a special wedding. So they arrived with their friends who wanted to witness their wedding as well as be there for the couple. 

Straight after the ceremony, the couple and their guests celebrated with a few bottles of champaign. 





Cheap Marriage Celebrant Sydney

Booking a cheap marriage celebrant Sydney does not mean you will get any less service.

As one of Sydney most affordable marriage celebrant, I still provide my full service. From lodgement of the NOIM to all the legal paperwork and your beautiful unforgettable wedding ceremony in my green backyard garden. 

This bride and groom actually communicated with me only via emails. As it was too difficult for them to arrive at my place due to distance, I assisted them with details instructions of how to fill in the NOIM. They had it signed by a JP, posted the NOIM to me and I lodged it online. 

 cheap marriage celebrant sydneycheap marriage celebrant sydney




Registry Wedding Ceremony

Congratulation to the B & G on their wedding ceremony at my place.
The groom is Australian and was very happy to find love again with this gorgeous Thai lady. 
The couple arrived with just their two witnesses and their newborn little baby. We had a short sweet wedding ceremony, just as the couple wishes for. As they are going to have a big celebration, later on, this year at the bride’s village back in Thailand. So I was thrilled that I could assist them to make their relationship legal in a civil wedding marriage. 

Sydney affordable marriage celebrant

Registry Marriage Ceremony

A small wedding ceremony at my backyard with just the couple, the bride’s brother and her mum. After being together for more than 16 years, the bride and groom chose to tie the knot at my place on Saturday morning. They were looking for a cheap marriage celebrant Sydney rather than going to the registry.
It was a much nicer, cheaper wedding ceremony, and more convenient when choosing the day and the time, as well as cheaper.

I only met the couple today as the bride filled in the NOIM I sent her, had it signed by a JP and then post it to me. I then lodged the NOIM online and made sure all the legal paperwork was ready for today’s wedding.

Half an hour after the couple arrived, they left as husband and wife. Congratulations. 


Orna is fantastic. She was so warm and friendly and welcoming. She understood exactly what we wanted and delivered wonderful service. Even had a good laugh with the family. Stunning yard and beautiful views. Will recommend to everyone. Thank you, Orna. Xx
Lorraine & Steve Wedding Ceremony Sydney, September 2019


Cheap Wedding Venue

Congratulation to this lovely couple who actually had already a big wedding ceremony of four days overseas. And now they just needed to have their legal documentation here in Australia with a legal wedding ceremony and a cheap celebrant Sydney.

So to make things easy for the couple, I emailed them the NOIM, they filled it up, had it signed by a JP and emailed me so I could lodge it.

And today they arrived at 11 am with just their two witnesses, and legally tied the knot!





Low Budget Wedding

Mid-week later morning wedding ceremony in my backyard garden, as this was the wish of the couple.

We lodged together on-line the NOIM, and exactly a month after, we had the wedding.
The couple arrived with just their two witnesses.
One witness was their ring bearer, while the other witness was the photographer for the day. 
Congratulation to this young couple, who continues the day with a booked lunch at one of the local restaurants. 






Cheap Wedding Celebrant

A quick and easy wedding ceremony for this young lovely couple from Russia. The bride and groom chose to tie the knot here in Sydney at my place just before they board a cruise around the world for their honeymoon.

So we easily communicated only a few weeks ago while they were in Moscow on how to lodge the NOIM and have it signed at the embassy over there. With the right guidance, the process was easy and hassle-free for the couple.





Affordable Garden Wedding 

 A lovely late afternoon garden wedding ceremony for this gorgeous couple. 

The bride and groom were first after just a quick simple wedding ceremony with just themselves and their two witnesses. They were looking for the cheapest marriage celebrant Sydney prices.

Just a few days before the ceremony day, they changed their mind and opted to the second cheap wedding package I offer. And so they had their wedding ceremony with some family and friends attending as well. Which obviously, makes the wedding ceremony even more special!

The couple arrived with their guests who were more than thrilled to have this opportunity of witnessing the loved ones tie the knot. The groom’s dad surprised everyone opening champagne to toss the couple’s celebration. How very exciting.

So, after lodgement of the NOIM, you are not locked in with any of the wedding packages or and of my marriage celebrant Sydney fees. You can change your mind and choose from any of the wedding packages. 

Or, you can always choose to have your wedding ceremony at any other location any day. 

marriage celebrant in sydney     Affordable Garden Wedding       Affordable Garden Wedding