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Affordable Celebrant Sydney

An Affordable Celebrant Sydney for your Unforgettable Affordable Wedding ceremony.
Secure your wedding day with great marriage celebrant Sydney prices.

Getting Married at the NSW  Marriage Registry Office? 

I can offer a great registry wedding option if you are looking at how to get married quickly in Australia.
We can create an affordable wedding,  a registry marriage, just like a wedding at the registry.
For quicker and hassle-free service, book a friendly trusted experienced cheap celebrant, cheaper than weddings at the Registry while getting the full service with an added personal touch.
A cheap marriage celebrant Sydney does not mean lesser service!

Choose from the best 4 wedding packages to suit you.
You are not locked in with any of the wedding packages.

Wedding Ceremonies Include the following Top services

  • Lodgement online of the NOIM.
  • All legal paperwork and proceedings. 
  • Get a small wedding venue in Sydney.
  • Marriage registration and marriage certificate.
  • Same-day online wedding registration on the BDM site.
  • A stress-free no-hassle relaxed journey to your wedding.
  • An extremely reasonable fee for the full service you receive. 
  • Some weekend packages are CHEAPER than at the registry. 
  • A beautiful meaningful and unforgettable wedding ceremony.
  • Recommendations for top Reliable Wedding Suppliers with great fees.
  • A PA sound system so that the ceremony can be heard as well as play music.
  • Unlimited contact & full support from your celebrant for assistance and advice for the wedding. 

Now you can have a cheap marriage celebrant in Sydney for your wedding ceremony. A wedding at the celebrant’s place in a beautiful green garden or high-ceiling living room depends on the weather of course. This a beautiful opportunity for gorgeous photoshoots of your wedding ceremony.

Looking for wedding packages in Sydney?

Celebrate a small wedding  a small wedding venue with wedding packages #1 & #2.
Regardless of the wedding cost, the celebrant’s cost, or having a small wedding – still receive full wedding service.

Book an affordable wedding celebrant in Sydney while receiving the full wedding service for a cheap wedding for you. A better friendlier wedding option than getting married is at the marriage registry office in Sydney.

You can either have a wedding ceremony registry style just the two of you and your two witnesses
Or you might want to have up to 20 guests celebrating with you your wedding ceremony, for just a minimal fee. 
You are also more than welcome to bring a cake and or champagne to celebrate your wedding 🙂
Otherwise, you can have your wedding ceremony in Sydney at any other location of your choice, any day.
Even after the lodgement of the NOIM, you are NOT locked in with any of the wedding packages. 

Affordable Wedding Venues Sydney

A happy weekend wedding ceremony at my place, the celebrant’s backyard. A great location for budget wedding venues in Sydney.

The couple chose to have their wedding on the weekend in my big green backyard. I suggested to them to even bring some champagne so they could celebrate with their guests after the wedding. 

Since the bride and groom had 10 guests coming over to celebrate with them, the setting for the wedding was amazing. Even though they were after a cheap easy wedding and a cheap wedding celebrant, we still made it very special and definitely a memorable wedding ceremony. 

cheap celebrantcheap-wedding-celebrantMarriage celebrant Sydneycelebrants Sydney





Registry Wedding Sydney

A lovely wedding ceremony in the garden for the bride and groom with some family and friends around. The bride looked like a princess with a loving handsome groom. 
We started the ceremony outside in the garden, and as it began to rain we moved indoors to sign the registry. 






NSW Registry Wedding

Such a lovely morning wedding ceremony in the garden instead of at the NSW registry for weddings. And that’s exactly what the couple wanted. To have a wedding with their family and friends around in a registry style. But still very special and with a celebrant personal touch.

So the couple arrived with their family, friends and a very friendly photographer named Loc who later emailed us all these beautiful photos. Thank you. 

nsw registry weddingregistry weddingsregistry weddings nswregistry wedding





Marriage Registry NSW

Why get married in the Registry of NSW office when you can enjoy a hassle-free fun wedding ceremony at the celebrant’s beautiful garden?

My celebrant service includes all the legal paperwork, so an easy journey for you all the way to your wedding day, culminating in a relaxed beautiful wedding ceremony any day and any time, weekdays or weekends. 






Registry Marriage 

A fun wedding ceremony at the celebrant’s big backyard garden is much more colourful and relaxed than any wedding at the Birth, Death and Marriages office.

So that’s how this couple chose to have and celebrate their wedding.
I took care of all the legal parts of registering their wedding and they just arrived extremely excited on the day with their few guests to tie the knot. Congrats! 






NSW Registry Wedding

It was a lovely early morning, 8 am wedding ceremony as this was the right time on that date to exchange vows according to the couple’s Indian tradition. 
The bride and groom arrived with some close family and friends who joined them witnessing them tieing the knot. 
It might be a cheap wedding at a cheap wedding venue,  but definitely full of life and meaning!








Small Wedding Venue

A small wedding venue in Sydney is my green backyard garden. Just like this couple, you can enjoy a full wedding service with a cheap marriage celebrant in Sydney. Marriage celebrant Sydney prices don’t have to be high, but should definitely receive top service.

So one of the cheapest and nicest ways to tie the knot in style would definitely be in my backyard.

My wedding ceremony and celebrant packages in Sydney include absolutely all the services.
So we lodged the NOIM just a couple of weeks ago. I then took care of all the legal paperwork and documentation.
The couple actually planned on celebrating their wedding ceremony at my place with around 20 guests. Due to the coronavirus restrictions, we could have only 5 people attending, which included the couple, the celebrant and their two witnesses.
They still dressed beautifully and arrived on the day with champagne!






Registry Weddings

It was a lovely morning wedding ceremony in the garden when the couple tied the knot surrounded by some family and friends. 
Yes, it is a registry wedding but with an added touch personalized to the couple in a beautiful garden setting.
So we communicated just via emails and the phone. the couple emailed me the signed NOIm, I lodged it and so got all the documents ready for their wedding ceremony and marriage registration with NSW BDM. 
Easy, hassle-free process for the bride and groom.








Garden Wedding

Such a fun happy garden wedding for this gorgeous couple.

The couple arrived with their family, friends and some bottles of champagne and lots of high spirits to celebrate their wedding day. We had their favourite music playing in the background, some incense for great vibes and towards the end of the ceremony even the rain arrived. That did not stop the celebrations as you can see.

So a garden wedding at my place can be as fun and special as you can only imagine. 







Wedding Ceremony in the Garden

A beautiful late afternoon wedding ceremony in the garden when this gorgeous young couple was surrounded by family and friends and a professional photographer.






Marriage Certificate NSW

A marriage certificate NSW is very easy to obtain and that’s exactly what this couple wanted. 

With that, they had the option of a lovely short wedding ceremony in my garden with some family and friends around, and some champagne. 







Wedding on a Budget

Congratulations to this young fun Nepali couple who tied the knot in my green beautiful garden surrounded by a few friends and celebrated drinking Champaign. 

The couple chose to tie the knot here in Sydney while flying over home at a later stage to celebrate with their extended family and friends. So they were really looking for a wedding on a budget in Australia, for now. And I could offer a great wedding on a budget venue- my big green backyard garden.

We lodged the NOIM only 1 month prior to the ceremony, and as they are currently students, it was the best amazing fun wedding on a budget for the couple. 







Cheap Wedding Celebrant Sydney

Congratulations to this happy bride and groom and their lovely dog. 

A very special multicultural union as the groom is from India and the bride is from China while their dog is Australian. They are already a family with Suzie the dog who had a very special role today, as the ring bearer. 

The couple already had two big ceremonies, one back in China and another big one in India. Hence today the bride wore this beautiful dress her mother-in-law made for her in India.  Such vibrant beautiful colours. So they were really looking for a cheap wedding celebrant in Sydney.

cheap wedding celebrant sydneymarriage-celebrantcheap wedding celebrant sydneyCheap-celebrant




Thank you, Orna for making the wedding ceremony such a memorable experience for us. We truly appreciate it! We appreciate all the efforts you made to make the wedding ceremony a wonderful experience. You allow our dog Suzie to be part of our ceremony at your place which is very special for us. Special Thanks to your husband who not only clicked the lovely pictures but also kindly assisted Abhishek to put on boutonnière. We would highly recommend adding “Dogs permitted in a wedding ceremony at your place” on your website which would definitely attract dog parents like us. Abhishek & Leah Wedding Ceremony Sydney, June 2020


Wedding in the Garden

Congrats to this couple who after many years of being together have decided to register their relationship in a legal registry wedding.

So I lodged the NOIM with just the bride, and exactly 1 month later they had their registry marriage in my garden.





Hi Orna,
Orna, you were absolutely wonderful, and even though we had a super
simple affair (just our witnesses), you made the whole thing feel incredibly
Wedding Ceremony Sydney, Shakeera & Dave, December 2021



Cheapest Way to Get Married NSW

Such a happy occasion for this couple who found love. Dear groom managed to bring over his bride from the Philippines and tied the knot in my big green garden.

The groom approached me only a few weeks prior to their desired wedding date. Of course, I was available and more than honoured to be their wedding officiant. 

The couple was surrounded by lots of family and some friends of the bride. And to celebrate their wedding ceremony, the couple poped out a few bottles of champagne to seep on with their guests. It is the cheapest way to get married in NSW – with style and top assistance from your marriage celebrant. 

My service obviously includes also all the legal procedures. 





Orna was our marriage celebrant and we were very happy with everything she has done for us. She helped us with the vows and during the entire process including the actual marriage ceremony at her beautiful garden. It was absolutely fantastic and everyone who attended had the absolute highest opinion and enjoyed it very much. We would like to thank Orna for making our special day a really beautiful one. As we had limited financial means the wedding was very cost-effective and cost us less than just hiring a public space from the council. Thanks again for everything and we would very highly recommend Orna Binder to anyone considering getting married to use her service as your marriage celebrant.
Tibor & Joann Wedding Ceremony Sydney, March 2020



Cheap Wedding

One might call it a cheap wedding, but the service was definitely a top wedding service. It was a cheaper way of getting married in NSW and more affordable than any wedding ceremony at the Registry BDM. 

We lodged together the NOIM, and exactly 1 month after, the couple arrived with their two witnesses to tie the knot in a relaxed backyard wedding ceremony. 






Weddings in Sydney

Weddings in Sydney, are such a special milestone in the life of each couple. 
Here at a garden wedding in Sydney in the celebrant’s green backyard, enjoying the vibe, the atmosphere and the surroundings with family and friends attending their big day, the couple’s wedding day. 





Simple Wedding

Looking for a simple wedding – that is what this bride and groom were looking for. The couple just wanted the legal wedding procedure but in a nice beautiful atmosphere.

So they arrived with their two witnesses, as later this year they are going to celebrate a big Indian wedding ceremony with lots of family and friends around. 






Outdoor Wedding

A beautiful outdoor wedding to this newlywed in my big backyard garden.

The couple chose to tie the knot in the presence of some of their close friends in a very private happy wedding. 
After the ceremony, they stayed to celebrate their marriage with a few bottles of champagne.
And why not? It’s such a big day and a significant milestone in anyone’s life. 






Getting Married 

Getting married in the garden instead of at the BDM registry office. That is exactly what this lovely couple wanted. A registry wedding, getting married but in a style and not just in an office.
The bride and groom arrived with just a few friends who came along to witness their wedding in my garden. After the ceremony, the signing of the registry, they had time to take some beautiful photos around.




Wedding in the Garden

A lovely bride and groom who wanted to tie the knot in a simple garden wedding instead of a wedding in the registry. 

We lodged together the NOIM exactly 1 month before their wedding day. On the wedding day, the bride and groom arrived with their two witnesses. We conducted a short sweet ceremony followed by the couple taking photos in the garden. Congrats!






Sydney Wedding

A garden wedding in Sydney. 
A Nepalese couple enjoying a beautiful elegant wedding ceremony in the garden surrounded by family and friends.
We did the e-signature, and then they arrived on their wedding day and enjoyed a relaxed happy wedding ceremony in the garden surrounded by lots of family and friends.. 






Wedding Venue

Why not tie the knot at home?
Here is a beautiful backyard wedding venue for your wedding ceremony. And that’s exactly what this lovely couple and their guests were looking for. We lodged the NOIM 1 month prior to their wedding day, and when the day arrived, they were happy to celebrate, with their close family, some friends, a wedding cake and of course some champagne. 







Dear Orna, We can’t thank you enough for celebrating our wedding with us today. You really made it special and removed all of the stress of a big wedding. Your garden was the perfect spot and we all had a wonderful time ? We would love to give you a brilliant review- Chris is doing it right now! We truly appreciate everything you’ve done for us and will be forever grateful for the wonderful experience you provided.
Sincere thanks again, Chris and Malory (and Henry!)
Wedding Ceremony Sydney, October 2021


Sydney Registry Wedding

A registry wedding in the garden instead of in the registry office. A much nicer, friendlier and flexible service from a marriage celebrant. Also such a great opportunity for beautiful wedding photos. 
the couple arrived with a group of family and friends who came along to witness and celebrate with them their wedding day.

So we aimed at having their wedding ceremony on a Sunday late afternoon so that from my place they could all head off to a restaurant nearby.






Registries for Weddings

A lovely couple who due to the current circumstances with flights couldn’t fly over to their home country. So instead of celebrating with family and friends overseas, they chose to have a lovely midday wedding at my place, a registry wedding. 

So the bride and groom arrived with some friends who took photos, another one was our ring bearer and others set the table with a yummy cake and some champagne for celebration. 







Wedding in the Backyard

Such a happy garden wedding on a Friday morning when the bride and groom were accompanied by their many family and friends. It was a lovely sunny day when this couple decided to tie the knot. The bride was presented by her son, and that was such a great gesture.

The couple’s guests arrived on a minibus bringing with them some beer and champagne to celebrate their friends’ wedding.

A much nicer, friendlier and more relaxed wedding ceremony than at any Registry office. 







Marriage Registry 

This lovely couple who was waiting for the bride’s visa for more than two years finally managed to have their wedding ceremony in my green backyard garden. 

We had to lodge the NOIM, the notice of intended marriage, twice, but persistence and big love concurred all obstacles. And the other day, the couple arrived with one witness, while my sweet husband agreed to be the second witness.  







Easy Wedding

It was an easy wedding ceremony in the garden. 
Congratulations to the bride and groom on a sunny wedding day. 

The couple arrived at the weekend with just their two witnesses and we conducted their wedding ceremony in my garden. It was a very easy process from the lodgement of the NOIM, exactly one month ago to their wedding day. 

We lodged the notice of intended marriage straight on the registry website so there is NO need for any interviews or meetings with the registry. As I take care of all the legal procedures and conduct a beautiful relaxed meaningful wedding ceremony.







Small Backyard Wedding

It was a small wedding ceremony in my backyard for only the couple, one sister as the ring bearer and their two witnesses.

The bride and groom are planning to celebrate a Renewal of Vows with their friends later on. As well as a big celebration at the bride’s home country in Malaysia. So basically, it’s like having three wedding events. How special. 

We lodged the NOIM just over a month ago, and as requested we need to wait at least one calendar month before you can tie the knot. 

marriage celebrants in Australiacheap-place-to-get-marriedbackyard-wedding




Wedding Registry 

That was a really quick wedding process as the bride approached me only 1 week before their wedding day. they had already lodged the NOIM with another celebrant, in Victoria though. So all we needed to do was to transfer the NOIM from that celebrant to me so I could lodge it here in NSW with the registry office.

So on Sunday, the couple arrived at my place for a quick and short wedding ceremony as they are planning on a big celebration later on with family and friends. 





Cheap Celebrant

A backyard wedding on a sunny day is always a great way to celebrate small weddings. Regardless of the number of guests attending, it is a major milestone in the couple’s life. This lovely couple tied the knot in my green backyard garden with only two witnesses as their gusts. They were looking for a cheap celebrant as they are planning on having a big wedding celebration later on in the year, back in Indonesia with many family members and friends. 

So, for now, they just filmed the wedding ceremony and shared it with the family. Live streaming is also an option.

There are many backyard wedding ideas. The bride and groom wrote their own wedding vows, which I had them ready on cue cards on the day. They also chose to indulge in a nice cake they brought with their guests straight after the ceremony. Congratulations!

1_backyard-wedding cheap-place-to-get-married





Dear Orna, Thank you so much for your great support and assistance. You made our day very special, thanks for your hospitality too. I won’t forget to let you know when we get to celebrate our wedding later. Thank you very much for the beautiful photos and I look forward to receiving the document from the registry. Have a great weekend!
Kind regards, Pamela and Erwin Wedding Ceremony Sydney, April 2020



Cheap Celebrant Sydney

This was a small wedding of only 5 people present, (Sydney celebrant, the couple and 2 witnesses) in my green backyard garden is a perfect wedding location, celebrating a great happy milestone in the couple’s life.

Tie the knot in a legal wedding ceremony, while later on, you can celebrate a Renewal of Vows ceremony in the presence of your family and friends. Or just have a big happy party.

You can book a cheap celebrant in Sydney while you still receive full wedding service. Here, the cost of a celebrant does not reflect the wedding service you receive. These are beautiful garden weddings, any day of the week and at any time. We are not restricted to office times such as at the registry. Hence, the cost of a marriage celebrant in Sydney is very affordable. 

We actually lodged the Notice of Intended Marriage close to 18 months ago as the couple was applying for PMV. I then issued them a special letter to immigration indicating their plans of tieing the knot. Finally, the bride received the visa she so waited for to arrive in Australia and marry her fiance. 
So finding a cheap wedding celebrant ended up with a lovely beautiful garden wedding. 






Registry Weddings

Registry weddings can still be fun, enjoyable, full of colours, and even more so any day of the week and any time. 
So this couple chose to have a very small low-key wedding ceremony in my backyard garden one weekend. They really wanted to avoid the big family gathering with lots of guests.

We communicated via emails and the phone. The bride signed the NOIM with a JP, then emailed me to lodge, while the groom was still back in New Zealand. 
Exactly one month after, they came over to tie the knot. Congratulations!






Registry Office Wedding Ceremony

Congratulations to this cool couple who remarried in my green backyard.

The couple actually has been married before, got divorced, but love concurs all. So being their second time around marrying each other, they were really interested in a nice registry office wedding ceremony. 
They arrived with their two adult children and some family members to tie the knot once again in a simple relaxed wedding ceremony.







Simple Ceremonies

A lovely simple ceremony is exactly what the bride and groom wanted. 
We lodged the Notice of Intended Marriage more than a year ago followed by a few letters to immigration to help bring over the bride here to Australia. The NOIM is valid for 18 months.

So fast forward 14 months since the lodgement, and the couple arrived today with two family members as their witnesses. Anyone over the age of 18 can be a witness to the wedding. 
Congratulations to this young couple for tieing the knot in my garden backyard in a simple ceremony.





She did a remarkable and incredible job. She helped us a lot all throughout the process. She was very kind and professional. She was flexible in everything you need and if ever you are confused with something, she will definitely explain it to you and make it easier to understand. Overall, she’s very nice to work with and a great marriage celebrant. Anna & Oliver
Wedding Ceremony Sydney, May 2020


Registry Wedding

A lovely Napoles couple tieing the knot in Sydney. We lodged together with the bride and groom the Notice of Intended Marriage exactly one month prior to their chosen wedding day. We always lodge the NOIM online, on the registry website, then print and sign the form. 

The couple arrived on the day with their two witnesses and some friends. The bride was wearing the traditional Napolese colourful dress. Just gorgeous.&nb