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Affordable Celebrant Sydney

Book an Affordable Celebrant Sydney for your affordable wedding ceremony.

Now you can the option of having your wedding ceremony at my beautiful green garden or high ceiling living room depends on the weather of course. Beautiful opportunity for the gorgeous photo shoot for your ceremony. 

You can choose from different wedding packages that I offer. You can either have a very small wedding ceremony registry style just the two of you and your two witnesses. Or you might want to have up to 15 guests celebrating with you your wedding ceremony, for just a small fee. 

Budget Wedding Ceremonies (Low Cost)

This couple’s wedding was a very special love story with a twist.

So the couple celebrated their reception a few weeks earlier with lots of family and friends around. Yes, they chose to celebrate their marriage in an unusual way, and why not!

First, they surprised their guests with a big engagement party when they declared their love to the world. I actually officiated in their engagement party when they made promises to each other. As well as their intentions to, later on,  tie the knot. 

Roll on a few months, they just came over to my place to get legally married. It was all stress-free while I took care of all the paperwork. We had the small quite wedding ceremony outside with the green beautiful bush behind us, a great location for photos at my place. With just their two mothers as their witnesses.

Contact me so we can start planning and organize together your very special wedding ceremony.

Affordable Celebrant Sydney




Affordable Garden Wedding 

 A lovely late afternoon garden wedding ceremony for this gorgeous couple. 

The bride and groom were first after just a quick simple wedding ceremony with just themselves and their two witnesses.

Just a few days before the ceremony day, they changed their mind and opted to the second wedding package I offer. And so they had their wedding ceremony with some family and friends attending as well. Which obviously, makes the wedding ceremony even more special!

The couple arrived with their guests who were more than thrilled to have this opportunity of witnessing the loved ones tie the knot. The groom’s dad surprised everyone opening champagne to toss the couple’s celebration. How very exciting.

So, after lodgement of the NOIM, you are not locked in with any of the wedding packages. You can change your mind and choose from any of the packages. 

Or, you can always choose to have your wedding ceremony any other location any day.

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