Paperwork Only Marriage

Getting Married Without a Wedding

Yes, now you can definitely tie the knot without the bells and whistles of a big wedding ceremony. 
An easy, simple and quick wedding ceremony, any day of the week and any time. A wedding at the celebrant’s magnificent garden. Rather than having your wedding at the registry office. Marrying Without a Wedding!

I offer different wedding packages that you can choose from. 

  • A wedding with just the couple and their two witnesses.
  • A wedding with the couple and I can arrange for one/two witnesses.
  • Your wedding – the couple, 2 witnesses and up to 20 guests.

getting married without a wedding

Register a Marriage NSW

  • Marriage registry with full service.
  • Personal attention, unlimited advice.
  • Stress-free, no fuss only papers wedding.
  • Cheapest budget wedding venue in Sydney.
  • Free of charge garden, No Interviews needed.
  • All legal work is covered (no worries for you).
  • Same-day online registration of your marriage.
  • Authorized, friendly, reliable marriage celebrant.
  • A  great option for the quickest wedding in Sydney.
  • We can arrange everything via emails and on the phone.
  • No meetings required, or only 1 meeting – you can choose.
  • Have your legal wedding in only 15 minutes-quick & simple.
  • So it’s your choice of a registry-style wedding or a full-on one.
  • I will take care of your marriage registration as well as arrange a marriage certificate.
  • Most of all, fees are lower than at the BDM registry NSW, with an added personal touch.
  • Applying on your behalf for the Marriage Certificate from BDM (additional fee to BDM applies)

Just Married Weddings

Getting Married Without a Wedding

So if you are after How to getting married quickly in Australia or any registered marriage
then contact me for a hassle-free and easy procedure.
I will guide you through an extremely easy process. 

Contact me at any time for a quick and simple journey for your wedding.