Marriage Celebrant Sydney Prices

Marriage Celebrants cost, Wedding Celebrant cost

Ceremony Non-refundable booking to secure the date Amount Due Before the Ceremony Total

Affordable Wedding

(Any day,
Any time


Lodgement of NOIM

Includes: All legal work,
1 (or no) meeting,
My place, only you and 2 witnesses

Includes: All legal work,
1 (or no) meeting,
My place, you and up to 20 guests.




Weekday Wedding


Lodgement  of NOIM

Includes: All legal work, meetings, full ceremony, Any venue, Any time
(Subject to distance & special dates)


(Thur – Sun) 

Lodgement  of NOIM

Includes: All legal work, meetings, full ceremony, Any venue, Any time
(Subject to distance & special dates)



Naming Ceremony 




 Renewals/ Commitment




My wedding service includes unlimited contact via emails, phone, Skype and/or meetings.
Any questions regarding wedding booking are always welcome.

Once you give me the honour of choosing me as your celebrant, we will create a unique & touching ceremony to suit your requirements.

Marriage celebrant

After lodgement of the NOIM, you are not locked in with any of the packages and can change and choose any package.

The fees charged by marriage celebrants can vary depending on several factors, such as the location, level of experience, weekdays or weekends and the type of ceremony requested.

Remember that hiring a skilled and experienced marriage celebrant can greatly enhance the quality and significance of your wedding ceremony, so it might be worth investing in a celebrant who resonates with you and your partner’s vision for the big day.

Marriage Celebrant Cost, A Cost of a Wedding

You probably wonder how much celebrants cost? ? How Much Does a Marriage Celebrant Cost? What’s the average cost of a marriage celebrant? The average wedding cost can be a big variation in Sydney marriage celebrants’ prices as there are no set fees for civil ceremonies. Celebrant fees vary. Some Sydney marriage celebrants’ prices may be less, and some marriage celebrants’ fees might be more. Wedding Celebrant Cost Sydney might be different from anywhere else in Australia. A cheaper civil ceremony price may not always be value for money. 
Please note all Commonwealth Marriage Celebrants are appointed by the Attorney-General’s Department in Canberra. As marriage celebrants, we must undergo compulsory professional development each year to maintain our authorisation. Marriage celebrants also need to pay a yearly fee to keep their license. 
Cost of a celebrant when you consider marriage celebrant prices, remember that there is a lot of work and preparation that goes into each and every wedding ceremony and Sydney celebrant fees are covering those celebrant’s costs.
The question shouldn’t be how much a marriage celebrant costs, but rather concentrating on how the celebrant can make your wedding day extra special. Whether you are having a simple ceremony, a registry wedding, just a  marriage license cost, or a lavish wedding ceremony. My celebrant’s fee,  the wedding celebrant cost comes with my personal touches, all legal paperwork. As well as covers writing and delivering a customized wedding ceremony.
A cost for a wedding booking and the cost of a wedding celebrant is, of course, important but what you will get for your money is a lifetime worth of memories with my celebrant’s cost. So it’s not how much does a celebrant costs or the wedding celebrant cost. But rather the celebrant service you receive. Marriage celebrant fees in Sydney should be the same as anywhere else. 



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