How to Get Married in NSW

Marriage Registration

Register wedding –  get married and receive the certificate of marriage in 3 easiest simple steps. 

  1. Lodge the NOIM with a celebrant at least 1 month prior to the wedding.
  2. Present the celebrant with the required ID and documentation.
  3. Get married and enjoy a beautiful wedding!

Registering for marriage and receiving a certificate of Marriage with a celebrant is the easiest way to get married in Australia and specifically for getting married in NSW.
Easy & simple to get Marriage Registration, Marriage certificate, (certificate of marriage), and to lodge the NOIM  with Sydney Celebrant. Registry wedding with a celebrant is more simple and possible than at the NSW BDM. 

So if you wonder how to get married in Australia and receive the marriage certificate NSW –
Marriage NSW is really simple and straightforward. Easier to receive the marriage certificate with a marriage celebrant than with the registry, birth, death and marriages NSW. Online registry NSW is here now.

Have an experienced celebrant taking care of ALL the required marriage registration NSW for you.

How to get married quickly in Australia and for registering a marriage in NSW, get a professional experience easy to work with celebrant to help you. A celebrant who can also offer you a venue for small weddings in Sydney.

View  PHOTOS from some Registry Weddings at the celebrant’s place. 

Register for Marriage  

Marrying in NSW Australia can be simple with a celebrant who takes care of the register for marriage and arranges for your NSW marriage certificate. 
Marriage registration NSW – registry wedding that can be very easy with properly qualified assistance. 

Let an experienced celebrant marry you and assist with all needed advice with a personal touch instead of getting married at the birth, death, and marriages NSW, the BDM, a wedding at the Registry office. 

Get your marriage registration – hassle-free with no stress, NO interviews needed for marriage license NSW.
I can also apply for a marriage certificate and arrange for the same-day Marriage Certificate from the BDM registry. 

Getting Married in NSW

Only 3 easy steps on how to marry in NSW –  easy marriage registration NSW.

How to get married in Australia – register for marriage.

  1. Lodgement of the NOIM.

    Lodge with me either in person the Notice of Intended MarriageNOIM, online straight on the registry’s website.
    If you can’t meet me face-to-face, I can email you the right NOIM, you fill it in, have it signed by a JP and scan it back to me so I can lodge for you online. (this can be done even when you’re interstate or overseas)

    We need to lodge the NOIM at least 1 calendar month before your wedding. The NOIM is then valid for 18 months. 

  2. Documents to Get Married

    The documents you will need to present/scan to me are
    either your original birth certificates + a photo ID such as Driving Licence
    Your passports.

    If applicable – you will also need to provide any documents such as divorce papers, death or nullity.

    If applicable –   Any change of name certificate.

  3. Getting married in NSW.

    Enjoy your wedding either at My place for a registry wedding or any other location of your choice 🙂
    I will register your wedding with the BDM and apply on your behalf for the Marriage Certificate. 
    View some Weddings at my place. 

  • register for marriage

After the Marriage NSW

  • As your marriage celebrant, I will take care of all the legal parts.
    Hence, register your wedding at the BDM marriage registry NSW, which I am able to do online on the same day of your wedding ceremony. 
  • So after the wedding, I can also apply on your behalf for the Official Marriage Certificate from the BDM, certificate of marriage NSW.
    You will receive the marriage certificate NSW by registered mail, usually within a few days following your wedding ceremony.
    It all depends on how busy the registry is but I will follow up to make sure you’ve received it.
    The marriage certificate is a legal document, but nowadays you can also purchase a more decorative certificate.  

Registering Marriage NSW Includes-

  • Online register for marriage.
  • Take care of ALL the paperwork.
  • You will receive my personal service.
  • It can be Cheaper than at the registry.
  • The easiest way to get married in NSW. 
  • No need for a marriage interview NSW.
  • Register your marriage on the BDM registry.
  • Apply on your behalf for the certificate of marriage.
  • A cheaper way to NSW marriage registry with an unforgettable wedding ceremony.
  • You can either have your wedding at my place or at any other location any day and any time.

Contact me so I can guide you and assist you in getting married in NSW and register your wedding with the BDM. 

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