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Marriage Celebrant  – wedding celebrant in Sydney, a professionally trained authorized and fully insured Sydney marriage celebrant. A marriage celebrant in Sydney for wedding booking with the passion, skills as well as experience to create unforgettable and personalised wedding ceremonies.  
Have your wedding ceremony conducted by a marriage celebrant in Sydney with the energyaptitudes as well as encounters to form exceptional and customized wedding ceremonies.
As your celebrant I will assist with planning, wedding traditions, and making your ceremony unforgettable. I will provide you with tips, ideas, and inspiration for your special wedding day.

Wedding celebrant

  • An experienced trusted, and compassionate marriage celebrant in Sydney.
  • I will guide you and make the wedding process easy as well as take care of all the legal paperwork.
  • I will provide you with lots of ideas for you to choose from.
  • My strengths lie first of all in interpreting what my clients want. Furthermore ensuring that the ceremony is conducted smoothly, with warmth and sincerity.
  • It is one of the biggest days of your life. Hence, let me help you create a wedding ceremony to reflect your perfect day.
  • Have a civil marriage celebrant who is passionate about the service she provides. As you are receiving a caring approach as well as a wealth of experience in planning, writing and structuring your ceremony.
  • Focusing on creating the ceremony your heart desires, including your own wedding vows, wishes, culture and personalities.
  • A celebrant specialising in creative, individual and unique wedding ceremonies that you will never forget.
  • No matter how formal, small or simple the marriage ceremony may be. My style of delivery is most of all one that is always relaxed and composed.


A Professional Sydney Marriage Celebrant Who Cares

  • The marriage ceremony we create together will be personal and uniquely yours.
  • You will have many choices when it comes to your wedding ceremony.
  • You are also most welcome to include your own vows.
  • Whether multi-cultural, inter-faith or more traditional, I am comfortable and easy to work with wedding celebrant. And so it will be my honour to be part of your wedding ceremony.
  • You may include favourite literature excerpts and poetry wedding readings from my collection. Or any other special touches that you bring to the table.
  • Receive my Complimentary  Wedding Package with an extensive range of sample ceremonies/vows/poems and other useful information. Hence, make things easier for you.
  • I am confident that as your chosen marriage celebrant in Sydney, you will love your ceremony.

Wedding Celebrant

Marriage Celebrant in Sydney for Beautiful Wedding Ceremonies and Receive:

  • Same-day online registration of your marriage.
  • Witnessing and lodgement of all legal documents.
  • All the legal paperwork for a relaxed journey for you.
  • Not only stress-free but also all legal work is taken care of.
  • Advice and guidance along the way consequently having an unforgettable ceremony.
  • A fully trained and experienced marriage celebrant who most of all puts your needs first.
  • Initial and all unlimited Consultations and communication with your marriage celebrant.
  • Meetings or and via emails/Skype and on the phone planning your ceremony.
  • Full range of options.
  • Providing my Wedding Complimentary Package.
  • Planning together how the whole ceremony is going to flow.
  • Typing a Draft of the Ceremony for your consideration and approval.
  • A unique and personalized wedding ceremony celebrating your special story.
  • Including any ritual such as Chinese tea ceremony, Balloon release (or Butterflies ), candles, sand ceremony, Doves release, Handfasting, Hand ceremony, Wine ceremony, Rose ceremony, The padlock love ceremony and many more.
  • Arriving early at the ceremony.
  • Keepsake Commonwealth Marriage Certificate.
  • Check the placement of chairs, table and flowers.
  • Phone/iPod/USB/Bluetooth player to my sound system.
  • Your choice of location, anywhere in and around Sydney.
  • Choreographing with you the movements of all participants.
  • Portable PA system so the ceremony will be heard clearly.
  • I am there to make you feel relaxed.
  • Conducting your beautiful Wedding Ceremony on the Day.
  • Forwarding all documents to State Registry for Marriage Registration.
  • Lodgement and Registering your marriage online (with the Registry).
  • Applying on your behalf for the Marriage Certificate from BDM (additional fee applies).
Marriage Celebrant for a Thoughtful and Inspiring Wedding Ceremony
  • Get a classically elegant, as well as beautiful and deeply significant wedding ceremony. So why not give me the honour of being your marriage celebrant.
  • Together we share our skills and craft a ceremonial ritual. As this will have an uplifting effect on all present while ultimately, leaving wonderful memories.
  • With my wedding ceremony service, I enjoy sharing the clients’ special times while contributing in my professional capacity. As well as in many more personal ways.
  • Book a marriage celebrant in Sydney who will help you implement your desires while listening carefully to your ideas and needs.
Where can a Wedding Ceremony take place?

In fact, in Australia, a marriage ceremony can take place anywhere, indoors or outdoors. You can have your ceremony either in a garden or a park, on the beach, a function venue, a restaurant or even in your own home or backyard. There is no restriction on where a wedding ceremony can take place. Just consult with your marriage celebrant in Sydney for beautiful wedding locations. 

How long does a wedding ceremony take?

Usually, a wedding ceremony takes 20 – 30 minutes. What can make a wedding ceremony longer or shorter, are the number of readings and poems you might like to include. As well as any rituals you can incorporate into the ceremony. I will guide you and present you with many options. You also might like to include your own vows.  

Can we play music at the wedding?

You can play any type of music off my PA system, or hire musicians at the sight. I will advise you on various music options in advance. The bride can walk down the aisle to her favourite song, or sign her marriage certificate with her favourite band playing in the background. There are no restrictions when it comes to music during your wedding ceremony at all and so you can choose something that you both love, as there are definitely no limits to your options.

Who should walk the bride down the aisle?

There are actually no set rules for that. Traditionally, it always used to be the dad who walked his daughter down the aisle. But if for any reason that is not the way you want it to be, there are other options. You might want to choose both your parents to walk you down the aisle, it can be your mum, stepdad, brother, uncle. Or you might want to walk alone. It is all going to be your choice. 

Do we need to exchange rings at a wedding ceremony?

Legally in Australia, a couple does not have to exchange rings. At the same time, it is a wedding symbolic tradition still kept by most couples. Usually, the couple also exchanges some words while putting the ring on the one they love. Words which reflect their feelings and aspirations for the marriage. The rings symbolize everlasting love and as the rings have no end, neither is the love between the couple.

Can the couple include any readings or poems at their wedding?

I will definitely encourage any family or friend’s involvement in the wedding ceremony. There are many lovely ways in which we can get family and friends involved. They can select a popular piece of poetry from my collection or anywhere else, or they might want to write something personal about the couple that is shared on the day. We just have to make sure that the content accurately reflects the couple, and that those doing readings are comfortable with public readings. 

Can we say our own Wedding Vows?

After reciting the required legal wedding vows, you can then say/read your own vows. You can write and put together your own promises, feelings, wishes and commitment to each other. I will also send you my FREE complimentary package. In it, you can find a huge collection of wedding vows which I collected over the years to help inspire you when writing your own vows. 
You can write your vows together, you can write them separately, you can email me together or separately. Or you can include a poem in your vows that expresses you and your partner.  I will then include your vows in the script for your wedding ceremony to make it extra special for you. 

Wedding Packages and Information

affordable wedding At no extra cost for up to 15 people you can have your wedding at my place.
Affordable midweek weddings – any venues, any place Mon- Thur.
Fees for different wedding packages.
The Steps In order to help you, please browse on the way to your wedding ceremony.
The NOIM – the legal form lodged with your celebrant. 
Shortening of time to marry. 
How to get married in NSW.
Legal requirements for getting married in NSW Australia. 
Celebrant for weddings.
Also celebrant for weddings in North Sydney.
celebrant for weddings in Northern Beaches.
Weddings celebrate in Watsons Bay.
contact me Choosing the right Wedding Celebrant for you is a very important decision. So I invite you to find out more about my wedding ceremony service.

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Simple Step-by-Step Ideas How to Choose a Marriage Celebrant

So here are some guidelines: 

  • A wedding celebrant who is qualified, experienced, professional and knows all the legal requirements of marriage in Australia.
  • Meet the celebrant in person to know whether you get along and connect and that they can provide you with the much-needed support and assistance.
  • Ask questions and make sure you feel comfortable to keep on asking. The celebrant should have good communication skills, be friendly and warm. Being able to communicate with your celebrant is critical as well as a  celebrant who you can easily contact.
  • Can the celebrant advise you and guide you thoroughly so you don’t need to worry about things such as how to choose your vows and rituals, Legal lodgements as well as registering your marriage with the BDM, Order of events, Clear details about fees and what it includes.
  • Read their reviews and testimonials.
  • Make sure you get to proof your ceremony wording before the wedding day.
  • Make sure that the celebrant agrees with you writing your own vows, on top of the legal ones that are prescribed and compulsory, as well as helping you get started.
  • Check that the wedding celebrant has insurance.
  • Make sure they have a good PA system.
  • You should be able to also play your own music on the celebrant’s PA.
  • Check what are the legal wording/ requirements that have to be included in the script.
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Rituals in Wedding Ceremonies Inspired by Celebrant for Weddings
  • Rose Ceremony
  • Sand Ceremony
  • Hands Ceremony
  • Love Padlock Ritual
  • Unity Bowl Ceremony
  • HandFasting Ceremony
  • Box, Wine and Letter ceremony
  • The Lighting of Candles Ceremony
  • Blessing of the Hands Ceremony
  • Wine Ceremony
  • Ring Ceremony
  • The Release of White doves/butterflies Ceremony

Venues & parks in and around Sydney
Shortening of time before Marriage
For a wedding with a  Jewish flavour.

Some Wedding Ceremonies testimonials
Hi Orna, First of all, Lucy and I feel lucky and very happy that you were our marriage celebrant for our wedding. You are the most brilliant as well as beautiful celebrant in Australia. I can’t thank you enough. Everything was perfect the ceremony was absolutely fantastic because of you on a beautiful sunny Sunday.
Definitely, we will never forget you.
I don’t remember if I said ‘goodbye’ and saw you out. I can’t remember anything properly I was too busy and didn’t know what to do after the ceremony and I fell asleep without sending you ‘thank you ‘message.
Lucy and I’d like to see you again. Please let us contact you again for a coffee or anything
Yours Sincerely, Chace & Lucy Wedding Ceremony, July 2018
It is indeed an absolute pleasure to write this review about Orna. She is an absolute professional wedding celebrant and helped us immensely from the start when I first called her with regards to my impending wedding. My wife Lakmini takes this opportunity to thank her for the wonderful ceremony and all the help that she gave us before, during and after the ceremony. We have no hesitation in recommending the services. Thanks, Orna.
Wedding Ceremony Praveen & Lakmini, June 2018
I can’t thank Orna enough for being such a great help to me and my partner, her friendly and personal service is only surpassed by her being available to answer enquiries at any time. She is also great for assisting couples like me and my wife when it comes to helping with immigration matters. I highly recommend Orna as a wonderful person and services as a celebrant.
Wedding Ceremony Salvatore & My An, May 2018
More Wedding Reviews
Orna, we like to thank you for making our day truly special and helping us put together a wonderful and sentimental day not just the ceremony though also the reception. Your knowledge and care was really a blessing and we are blessed to have found you. From sourcing places for the event to preparing the documents and providing a special folder afterwards and following up on the certificate. Thank you very gratefully. And highly recommend you.
Wedding Ceremony Sonya & Mile, April 2018
My wife and I are very glad we chose Orna to be our celebrant. She is very professional prior to and during our ceremony. Clear and concise voice and very prepared for our ceremony. We especially really appreciate the ceremony folder she has gifted us. Definitely would recommend Orna.
Wedding Ceremony Julius & Belinda, March 2018
Hey Orna, Thank you so much for everything. We really enjoyed the wedding your presence and the ceremony was very peaceful ?? Thank you so much.
Wedding Ceremony Avraham & Elina, March 2018
Hi Orna
First of all, I would like to say thank you for the lovely welcome feeling you gave both to Alex and myself from the day we meet you. We feel honoured to have had such a lovely small ceremony to celebrate our marriage with you and his parents, your words were just beautiful.
Thank you for opening your home up to us so we could make this day possible. Thank you for sending the photos through and I will make sure to complete your feedback form and send it to you in the next day or 2.
Wedding Ceremony Kasey & Alex, February 2018
Some Reviews from 2017
Thanks, Orna, you did a great job! It was such a great ceremony and day. We will get you this form and some photos shortly. Thank you.
Wedding Ceremony David & Skye, December 2017
I do not know how to adequately express our gratitude and appreciation for your dedicated services for our wedding. You were absolutely magnificent, not only on the day itself but especially from the moment of our first meeting and became our guide through the process of learning and adopting our Jewish service for our situation. Also, you were always there for us, and with such warmth and confidence. You were completely open to all our suggestions/recommendations and questions. In the end, we had the script that truly reflected who we are now – a mature couple (seniors in fact) deciding to formalize an existing relationship. You particularly helped my now husband John feel comfortable with the Jewish components of the service. In particular, you made all our guests present at the service understand and feel carried through its intricate detail which was unfamiliar to the majority. I felt so proud to stand under your Chupah and watch you guide John, especially with the breaking of the glass. Your calm inner-strength enabled us to walk forward with confidence in our married life. Thank you.
Wedding Ceremony Therese & John, November 2017
Dear Orna,
Thank you for being a part of our wedding and your speech. It was very special for us both. Thank you for your efforts. Will be in touch soon with some photos!
Wedding Ceremony Isabelle and Michael, November 2017
Hi Orna, here are some pictures from Sunday!
Hope you are had a lovely day and thank you for helping make our wedding effortless & wonderful!
Kind regards,
Wedding Ceremony Isabella and David, October 2017
Some Reviews from 2016

Hi Orna. Becky and I just wanted to say a huge thank you for marrying us on Friday. So everything went absolutely perfectly and we couldn’t be happier. You did such a great job at the ceremony. Everything was perfect and so many people commented to us how beautiful it was. Thanks again for everything. Talk soon.

Adam & Becky Wedding Ceremony August 2016

Hi Orna,

You did such an amazing job as our Wedding Celebrant and we’re so pleased that we picked you!
As you were so helpful, professional, calm and organised throughout the whole planning process and on the wedding day.
You really were perfect! So hence, the ceremony was so beautiful and we had such good luck with the weather. I will never forget it.
Thanks for your support. You’re an absolute gem.

Jasmin & Eran wedding ceremony on February 2016


Wedding Ceremony Sydney

Your wedding celebration is one of the most important milestones in your life. And a marriage ceremony in Sydney is a very special one with the right marriage Celebrant. As there are many wedding venues in Sydney and in the surrounding areas as well as many reception venues. There are also many Sydney wedding celebrants, but finding the right marriage celebrant Sydney is extremely important for your civil wedding. 

You might choose to have an indoor wedding or you might opt for an outdoor one. Whether you chose any of the many breathtaking waterfront wedding venues, beach wedding venues or garden venues, my Wedding Celebrant service for a wedding celebration will always be the same. 

As a wedding celebrant, I have conducted over 1000 ceremonies in many wedding venues. While some weddings are small and intimate others are much bigger.

I look at each and every wedding ceremony, with the utmost respect while each and every couple is very important to me. It is your big day. So I give my heart and soul to each wedding ceremony.  My celebrant service in all the wedding ceremonies I conduct is an all-inclusive wedding package in Sydney. In all the wedding packages I offer you will receive the best celebrant service.

Sydney Marriage Celebrant

As your wedding celebrant, I can offer you many wedding ideas to make your wedding ceremony even more unique. I can also advise you on many wedding locations in and around Sydney. Some beautiful beachfront wedding venues, garden ones and many more.
The question is how to choose your wedding celebrant.
How do you choose the right marriage celebrant to conduct one of the most important days in your life, your wedding day? 
First, make sure your wedding celebrant, is qualified to conduct legal wedding ceremonies in Australia. Have a look at their portfolio, past wedding ceremonies, testimonial page, their social media pages. Meet up with your celebrant and see if you connect with them. A wedding celebrant that can take care of the legal aspect of your wedding ceremony, marriage registration, marriage certificate as well as conducting a beautiful and organized ceremony on the day.  
In briefyou wish to enlist a celebrant for your wedding ceremony in Sydney. Presently, there are a tremendous number of celebrants all over Australia. You must be pondering how you may be able to discover the correct one. Here are some keys elements that will assist you to select. Personal Meeting – Before your wedding date, you ought to orchestrate a meeting with the celebrant. Selecting a wedding celebrant Sydney is all around the chemistry. You must know whether the celebrant can get you want. The face to face meeting  will assist you in figuring that out. Fixing Date and Budget The following vital thing you neede to think off is simply securing the date. Celebrants are by and large pre-booked amid the season of the wedding.  After all, they need to be accessible for that specific date and time of your wedding. The Past Works Undoubtedlyshould cehck out the wedding celebrant’s past wedding ceremonies. 


Contact details

Contact me if you would like more information about my marriage celebrant services in Sydney. Information about the prices and costs for registry wedding or civil ceremony.  Please call me on 0423 042 773 or 02 94993550, email me at or alternatively, you can contact me via my website.

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