Wishing Box

Wishing Box or a Signature Book

A Wishing Box is quite a meaningful ritual which can be included in both weddings and naming ceremonies.  

At a wedding, each guest and family member writes a note with their best wishes for the couple’s future. Those notes are placed in the entrance either in a box, or a jar. The couple later on, or even after their honeymoon, can sit down relaxing reading those beautiful wishes. Otherwise, the couple might want to put a Signature book for the guests to sign.

At a Naming Ceremony – It is a very nice meaningful ritual. Each guest and family member write a note. The note is to the child and places it into a special wishing box, or in a book. This note contains messages. Messages such as special wishes, hopes and desires for the child or even a personal message. It can happen when each guest arrives at the naming ceremony or at some time during the proceedings of the day. 

As the child grows, on their 18th or 21st birthday they can open the box. The Message Box is then available to the child. The child then can read those special wishes and messages written down and placed in the box at their naming ceremony. The most popular time in life to present the box to the child seems to be the twenty-first birthday.

It is also lovely for the parents to go through the notes on those quiet nights together as their child is growing up.


Picture frame signature for naming days

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