Baby Naming Ceremonies Including the Rose Petals Ritual

Baby Naming Ceremonies, Rose Petals,
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Baby Naming Ceremonies, rose petals – It is a beautiful ritual we can include in a baby blessing ceremony.
Rose petals are sprinkled over the baby’s head while special blessings are being read. The rose petal ritual is really lovely to include in a name day ceremony. It is also a nice way to include in the ceremony other family members like the godparents, grandparents, maybe other family members, friends and other children.

So each colour of the rose petals represents different qualities and aspiration such as innocence, friendships to come, tender love and compassion. As well as kindle the fire of love for life.

It is a very nice tender inclusive ritual to include in a naming ceremony

(So Baby Naming Ceremonies, rose petalsFirst person showers the baby with white rose petals)
The celebrant says the appropriate blessing.


Baby Naming Ceremonies with petals(Second person showers the baby with yellow rose petals)
The celebrant says the appropriate blessing.


rose petals for naming ceremony(Third person showers the baby with pink rose petals)

The celebrant says the appropriate blessing.


red petals for naming ceremonyFinally, (the Fourth person showers the baby with red rose petals)
The celebrant says another appropriate blessing.


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  • You can buy fresh rose petals or purchase silk rose petals provided by me.
    The four colours of silk petals for only $20 for this beautiful ceremony.



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