Chinese Wedding Tea Ceremony

Chinese Wedding Tea Ceremony Ritual

A Chinese wedding tea ceremony is when the bride & groom thank their parents or any other elderly people. They thank them for all the years of love, nurturing and guidance that led them to this very special day, their wedding day.

On the wedding day, the couple is celebrating the love and happiness that their parents have shown them. As well as the love that they have found in each other.

The love and respect that the bride and groom share has made them secure and confident enough to encourage and be faithful to one another from this day forward. On their wedding day, they stand before their parents, with past experiences and everything they have learned from their parents.

The bride and groom want their parents to know that their efforts were very much appreciated. They thank them for everything they have instilled in them.

The love the couple feels for one another is the flowering of a seed their parents planted in their hearts years ago. As they embrace one another in their love, so do they embrace each other’s families. The families which have been brought together on this happy occasion.

And now they symbolize their love for their families through the Chinese Wedding Tea Ceremony. A ceremony that acknowledges and honours our elders. The sweet herbal tea symbolizes purity, stability, and a sweet beginning to a marriage blessed with joy and good luck.

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Chinese tea wedding ceremony

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