Have Your Love Shown to the World with A Commitment Ceremony

Commitment/Love Ceremonies are available to couples who wish to make a special commitment to each other, and wish to publicly declare their promise in front of family and friends.
Holding commitment ceremonies can be a deeply meaningful and empowering way to acknowledge and celebrate the significance and permanence of your union.
These love ceremonies in Sydney and surroundings are not weddings, but a commitment between a couple to share their lives together.
It is a civil partnership.
Although legal gay marriage is not recognised in Australia, commitment ceremonies are also available to same sex couples, providing them with an opportunity to have a meaningful ceremony, surrounded by family and friends.

Commitment and love ceremonies can, in all other general respects, resemble a typical marriage ceremony and can be designed to suit your own particular needs and ideas with dignity and flair. Each of the commitment ceremonies will be carefully planned and written, to include readings, a statement of commitment, the exchange of rings and music, or can be individually planned and written to suit each couple. Love ceremonies in Sydney and surroundings can take place in any venue the couple wishes and will be expertly done.

 Commitment  Ceremonis  usually consists of-

  • Introduction and welcome to family and guests
  • Acknowledgment of any children of the union
  • poetry and/or readings
  • Affirmation of commitment
  • Exchange of rings or gifts
  • Messages from special guests
  • Signing of certificates
  • Closing address
  • Presentation of Couple and Certificate.

All NSW ceremonies can be registered as a union by you at the City of Sydney Partnership Register.
Centre link recognizes same – sex relationship from 1 July 2009.

What does my fee cover?

  • Complete choice of personalized ceremony.
  • A package of information containing sample ceremonies, readings/poetry, rituals, music/songs etc.
  • Unlimited access to me to discuss your ceremony.
  • Meeting your celebrant
  • A commemorative copy of your ceremony.
  • A certificate of  Commitment Ceremony.
  • Appreciation certificates for any ceremonial participants eg readers, ring bearers.
  • A guarantee that I will arrive 30 minutes before your ceremony is due to commence.
  • A guarantee of total familiarity with your ceremony and also that my part will be read with total interest and sincerity.
  • To the best of my ability I will dress to suit the occasion.
  • Use of a PA system.(including a CD player)

Contact me at your convenience to discuss your own plans or to learn more about commitment ceremonies I have done.

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