Documents a celebrant sights before a Wedding

Documents Celebrant sights before Weddings

What Documents celebrant sights before weddings? So here are the marriage documents will you need if you are going to have your wedding in Australia.
The documents a civil celebrant needs to sight before any civil wedding. It is very straight forward.
Note, all the documents must be in English, or translated by an authorized translator :


Original Birth Certificate.
If mislaid , you can get a copy from Department of Births, Deaths & Marriage

Any  passport (a valid passport, not cancelled)

If a Widow or Widower :

Original Death Certificate of spouse.
If mislaid, you can get a copy from Department of Births, Deaths & Marriage.

If Divorced :

Either Original Decree absolute of divorce, or original Certificate of divorce.
If mislaid, you can get from the “Family Court of Australia “.

So contact me any time to discuss your wedding ceremony and the legal requirements in your case.