Handfasting at a Wedding Ceremony

Handfasting Wedding Ceremony Ritual

Handfasting Wedding Ceremony is an ancient Celtic wedding ritual in which we tie the couple’s hands with a ceremonial ribbon or cloth.

It is a very symbolic wedding ritual, easy to organize, fun and extremely meaningful.

Some more information about the Handfasting ceremony.

The ceremony symbolizes love and commitment, comfort, support, empathy and intimacy.  The couple is bound by their love and commitment to one another. And like the cord, which has two individual ends, they are two individuals. While, in essence, and symbolically, they are one.

First of all, we join the bride and groom’s hands together, so the wrists and pulses are touching. We use a ribbon or symbolic material/cloth looped over the couple’s wrists. Either the celebrant, a family member or a friend ties the ribbon.

In modern times we often use a beautiful ribbon the couple chooses. So we tie it in a bow with an opening loose enough so that the hands can come out freely, or simply draped across the hands.
Some couples choose to save the ribbon or cloth as a keepsake.

It seems the Handfasting ritual has become quite popular in the last few years. Many people find that their own lifestyles call for an alternative joining ceremony. Different than that provided by more typical traditional wedding rituals.

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Handfasting ribbonHandfasting Wedding Ceremony

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