Wedding Celebrates – Choosing your Celebrant

Wedding Celebrates

Simple Step-by-step How to choose a Marriage Celebrant

How to choose a Marriage Celebrant? So here are a few guidelines: 

  • First, make sure the celebrant you choose really resonates with you. 
  • A marriage celebrant who is qualified, experienced, professional and knows all the legal requirements of marriage in Australia.
  • Meet the celebrant in-person to know whether you get along and connect and that they can provide you with the much-needed support and assistance. 
  • Can the celebrant advise you and guide you thoroughly so you don’t need to worry about things such as how to choose your vows and rituals, Legal lodgements as well as registering your marriage with the BDM, Order of events, Clear details about fees and what it includes.
  • Ask questions and make sure you feel comfortable to keep on asking. The celebrant should have good communication skills, be friendly and warm. Being able to communicate with your celebrant is critical as well as a  celebrant who you can easily contact.
  • Read their reviews and testimonials.
  • Check whether they have a good PA system.
  • Make sure you get to proof your ceremony wording before the wedding day.
  • Make sure that the celebrant agrees with you writing your own vows, on top of the legal ones that are prescribed and compulsory, as well as helping you get started.
  • Check that the celebrant has insurance.
  • You should be able to also play your own music on the celebrant’s PA.
  • Check what are the legal wording/ requirements that have to be included in the script.

Wedding Celebrates

Wedding Celebrates – with an Experienced Friendly Relaxed Celebrant

  • You want an experienced enough celebrant who can be calm under pressure and be able to orchestrate your ceremony so it runs smoothly and perfectly.
  • You need to know that they will treat you and your bridal party and guests with respect and kindness.  
  • Your celebrant should be open and flexible to specifics of the bride and groom such as the dress code for the ceremony.
  • Once you’ve chosen the celebrant of your dreams — book them ASAP. Popular celebrants are booked well in advance. It is all about the quality of service and satisfaction with that service. 
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