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Joined Naming Ceremony Celebrant

Joined Naming Ceremony Celebrant for these lovely twins.

So it is double the celebration at this naming ceremony for these gorgeous twins.

If you are wondering which rituals and how many should you include on a naming day, then as your celebrant I’m here to assist. I will give you a selection of many ideas and rituals you can choose from. We work together to create a beautiful name day ceremony for your child.

So in this name giving day parents chose to light a candle dedicated to each twin. Parents also read some poems about raising twins and double responsibility. Although, at the same time we also mentioned how lucky these kids to grow up and discover life together. 

We also nominated godparents. So each twin had their own godparents helping the parents share the duty and the responsibilities.

Contact me any time so we can start planning your child’s special day.

Joined Naming Ceremony Celebrant