Quick Registry Style Wedding

Registry Wedding in Sydney

If you are looking for a quick Registry Wedding, then I can definitely assist you with that.

All we will need to do is lodge the NOIM, I will take care of all the legal paperwork for you. You will just need to show up on the day with your two witnesses sign the forms and be married. As easy as that.

You can lodge the NOIM with me, or I will provide you with the form, and you will just need to sign it with the right authorities. Such as a JP, a DR, a policeman etc. I will advise you. 

Registry Office Wedding

This was a very quick Registry office Wedding, as the couple is going to have their big wedding celebration overseas. This couple also needed shortening of time for their registry style wedding ceremony here in Sydney.

It is when the couple gets married though without a wedding. Rather without the big wedding ceremony. 

So since the bride and groom currently live overseas, we communicated over the phone, emails and on Skype. They lodged the Notice of Intended Marriage at the embassy in Dubai. Then, I issued them with a special letter and with the right documentation, they managed to obtain a shortening of time for their wedding ceremony. So the whole process really took about 10 days. From the moment they contacted me, till they were husband and wife.

I offer a variety of wedding packages, where one of the packages is a registry style wedding ceremony, package #1. Still, we make it beautiful and special on the day. 

Shortening of time for a Wedding 

For shortening of time, you really need to have good reasons, as there are five categories for that. You will also need to present enough documentation to support your application. 

So we still made this wedding a lovely special time for the couple. A time to remember even though they were really only after the legal part at this stage in their life. 

Contact me so I can assist you with your wedding ceremony, whether you are having a big ceremony or only after a registry style one.  

Registry Wedding