Registry Style Wedding

Registry Wedding in Sydney

A Registry Wedding in Sydney is an affordable wedding option that looks after all the legal requirements from the ceremony to your marriage certificate.

To have a wedding registry is very easy and hassle-free with the right celebrant. All we will need to do is lodge the NOIM, I will take care of all the legal paperwork for you. You will just need to show up on the day with your two witnesses sign the official wedding forms and tie the knot. As easy as that.

You can lodge the NOIM with me, or I will provide you with the form, and you will just need to sign it with the right authorities. Such as a JP, a DR, a policeman, etc. I will advise you on the easy-to-follow procedure. 

View some registry weddings in Sydney. 

How to get married without a wedding. 

Registry Wedding

Registry Office Wedding

A registry office wedding is when the couple chooses to get married rather without the big wedding ceremony. 
The difference between tieing the knot at the registry to having your wedding with a celebrant is mostly how easier and simpler it is with a celebrant.

  • No need for any interviews.
  • All legal paperwork is taken care of. 
  • My wedding registry packages are cheaper than at the registry.
  • I am very flexible with the dates and changing dates, times or even locations.
  • You will receive a beautiful cared-for service, ceremony with a personal touch.

I offer a variety of wedding packages, where you can find two packages that are registry-style wedding ceremonies, packages #1 and #2. Still, we make it a beautiful and very special wedding day for you, at the same time, you are not locked in with any of the packages.

Contact me so I can assist you with your wedding ceremony, whether you are having a big ceremony or only after a registry-style one.