How to Fill out Notice of Intended Marriage

Notice of Intended Marriage

You can lodge the NOIM with me wherever you are in Australia or anywhere in the world.

  • I can either email you the right and latest NOIM 
  • You are more than welcome to come over to my place so we can lodge the notice together, online straight on the BDM’s registry website. (Easy – NO need for any interviews)


1. What is the Notice of Intended Marriage Form? 

The Notice of Intended Marriage, NOIM, is the most important document you will fill in when getting married.
This is actually the first legal step towards your marriage. 
It is a legal document which mostly provides a range of personal details of both parties, your identifications as well as some details regarding the wedding ceremony.
You will first need to decide whether you are going to have a civil marriage celebrant or a religious ceremony.
And then, of course, choose the right celebrant for you.
An experienced celebrant who will take care of all the legal paperwork for your wedding as well as create a beautiful wedding ceremony for you.

2. Why is the NOIM important?

If your intentions are to get married in Australia, you will need to fill in the NOIM and lodge it with your chosen marriage celebrant. A marriage shall not be solemnised unless a notice in writing of the intended marriage is given to the authorised celebrant solemnising the marriage.

3. When is the NOIM lodged?

The notice of intended marriage must be lodged with your celebrant at least one calendar month before the wedding day. The couple usually fills in and lodges the NOIM with the celebrant at their first meeting. If you are overseas, I will advise you how to fill in the NOIM in that case. It is easy and not a problem. 

4. Who needs to sign the NOIM?

Both parties to the marriage must sign the NOIM, as well as the celebrant. 

  • There are some situations when a party to an intended marriage cannot conveniently sign the Notice at the time it is lodged with the marriage celebrant.
    Then, the other party may sign the Notice and give it to the proposed authorised celebrant.
    However, in that case, the party who has not signed the Notice must sign it in the presence of that celebrant or another authorised celebrant before the marriage is solemnised.

Please consult with me and I will advise you in case –

  • One party cannot attend lodgement of the NOIM. (as being overseas or any other commitments)
  • Both parties are either overseas or for any other reason cannot meet up with me to lodge and sign the NOIM in person due to distance or any other circumstances. 

5. How long is the NOIM valid for?

  • You will need to lodge the NOIM a least 1 month prior to the wedding day.
  • The NOIM is valid for up to 18 months. (can be lodged up to 18 months before the wedding day)

6. Where can you get the NOIM?

As a marriage celebrant, I can provide you with the right and latest NOIM.  Or you can download the NOIM

7. Where can I lodge the NOIM?

You can lodge the NOIM with me online on the registry’s website, the easiest way.
If you can’t make it to my place, I can guide you on how to fill it, have it signed and email back to me for lodgement. 

Contact me and I will guide you and assist in the lodgement of the notice.


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