Padlocks Ritual in a Wedding Ceremony

Padlocks Wedding Love Ceremony Ritual, Sydney Marriage Celebrant Rituals

Padlocks Wedding Love Ceremony is a Love Lock Ceremony when the Bride and Groom lock their individual heart padlocks together permanently as one.
The couple may then assure that the keys that first opened their hearts can never be used to separate what has been joined in their wedding. In this ritual we are using padlocks either simple, have them engraved or heart shapes. So that you can forever lock your enduring love with your beloved. 
Sometimes the the couple chooses to toss keys are into a place from which they can never be retrieved.
At times the couple ties the keys to helium balloons and release them together.
Sometimes we bury the keys in a meaningful location.
Sometimes the couple chooses to keep and displaye the keys as a reminder of the love that brought them together.

Padlocks Wedding Love Ceremony

Tieing the Padlocks at a Wedding Love Ceremony

Padlocks Wedding Love Ceremony

Padlocks lovers released at a Wedding Ceremony