Padlocks Ritual in a Wedding Ceremony

Padlocks Wedding Love Ceremony Ritual

Padlocks Wedding Love Ceremony is a Unity Love Lock ritual when the Bride and Groom symbolically lock their individual heart padlocks together permanently as one.

There are many ideas and rituals that we can include in your wedding ceremony. The padlocks wedding ritual is just one of the many weddings rituals, and yet a very interesting and symbolic one. It is a great wedding symbolism that the couple, as well as their guests, enjoy enormously. 

The wedding padlock starts when the bride and the groom each have a separate padlock. The couple might choose to engrave their names, date of the wedding, or any short poem on the padlocks. The marriage celebrant then explains this unity ritual and why you chose it. Then the partners lock together their individual padlocks – forever. Just like the padlocks can’t be separated, as we are going to lose the key, so is the couple’s bond of love – is an eternity. 

The couple is then assured that the keys that first opened their hearts can never be used to separate what has been joined in their wedding. In this ritual, we can use padlocks either simple, have them engraved or heart shapes. So that you can forever lock your enduring love with your beloved. 

What to do with the Key?

  • Sometimes the couple chooses to toss keys into a place from which they can never be retrieved.
  • At times the couple ties the keys to helium balloons and releases them together.
  • Sometimes we bury the keys in a meaningful location.
  • While another option is –  the couple chooses to keep and display the keys as a reminder of the love that brought them together.

It is all going to be your choice when we plan together your wedding ceremony and the rituals that you might want to include.

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Padlocks Wedding Love Ceremony

Tieing the Padlocks at a Wedding Love Ceremony

Padlocks Wedding Love Ceremony

Padlocks lovers released at a Wedding Ceremony

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