Get Partner Visa Australia

Partner Visa Australia

Partner visa Australia is possible with the assistance of a dedicated Sydney marriage celebrant.

As a celebrant, I can assist you in bringing your spouse here to Australia so you can happily tie the knot.
The steps for a partner visa to Australia are very easy to follow and quite clear. 

  • First, we need to lodge together the NOIM. This is the Notice of Intended Marriage which each couple lodges with the celebrant. We need to lodge it at least 1 month before the wedding day. This document is valid for eighteen months. Which is usually sufficient time to get your fiance into the country. 
  • Second, I will then FREE of charge a letter to immigration stating your intentions to get married.
  • Third, your partner will then need to present the letter at the embassy of their country together with all the other documents in your application.
  • Hopefully, within this time frame of 18 months, your spouse gets permission to come to Australia and tie the knot in this beautiful country.

This spouse visa Australia process- 

  • The groom lodged with me the NOIM back in February 2018, while the bride was still in the UK.
  • I then issued him the letter to immigration which she presented at the embassy in London.
  • Seven months later, we celebrated their wedding at my place, which is a cheaper option for the couple.
    Cheaper than at the BDM office registry. 
  • The couple chose to tie the knot at my place, as they intend to have a big celebration with family and friends later on in their life. Even though it is a home wedding, I still conduct a lovely ceremony and make it very special for the couples. 

Contact me any time so we can start to plan and organize your wedding ceremony too.

I can assist you wherever you are in Australia. Contact me and I can advise you how to lodge the NOIM wherever you are in Australia or anywhere else in the world. 

Partner visa AustraliaPartner visa AustraliaPartner visa Australia