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Sand Ceremony

Sand Ceremony – A Ritual for all Ceremonies

The sand ceremony is a beautiful uniting ritual for either a naming or a wedding ceremonies.

Sand Ceremony for Weddings

At a wedding we can have only the bride and groom participating in this ritual. Or you might want to include other family members. The couple then pours sand into the one main jar symbolizing the unity in their life together. Just as we can not pour the grains of sand back into the individual bottles. So is the couples’ lives now joined together. It creates a treasured keepsake Unity Vase filled with sand in different colours.

Sand Ceremony for Naming day

At a naming ceremony we can include children and other members of your family (or blended family) Family sand Unity Ceremony is also perfect for when children are part of the picture. Children are especially drawn to pouring the sand. This ritual symbolizes the loving union in the family of a new born with their new Mom and Dad. It is a fun, very symbolic ritual for everyone. You can include as many colours of sand as you want.  Each colour stands for different characteristics and aspirations. Family members can also recite special vows as part of the ceremony. Otherwise, the celebrant explains the significant of each colour, and the symbolizm of this ritual.
Contact me for details how we can include this beautiful meaningful ritual in your ceremony.