Three Easy Steps to your Wedding

3 Easy Steps before your Wedding

The First Step to tying the knot

  • Contact me and discuss the type of wedding ceremony you would like and my availability on that date and time.
  • You can decide on your wedding date and location at a later stage – NO problem.
  • We lodge the NOIM, either in person OR
  • You can sign the NOIM virtually with me.
    We then can “meet” on FaceTime/ WhatsApp or any other chat.
  • Bring/email documents such as e.g. birth certificate or passports, Decree Absolute.

The NOIM is an official document gathering the required information from your own personal documents. Click here to view this document.  This is the only form you’ll need to fill in as I’ll attend to other wedding documents.

We must lodge the NOIM at least one calendar month before the wedding, and the very earliest is 18 months before the wedding.
I will be witnessing your signature & dated the day of this witnessing.

*I must sight the following documents.

You need to be 18 Yo (and over) to marry.

The Second Step to your wedding

  • We discuss which wedding ceremony you want and how you want it to flow.
  • We start planning your wedding ceremony.
  • You can choose any of the 4 wedding packages I offer.
    No locking in with any of the wedding packages. 

Once the formalities and lodgement of the documents have been attended to I will help you design the wedding ceremony of your choice, and discuss details of the ceremony – including readings, music, wishes and different rituals. You will receive a complimentary package with lots of information and arrange a time for our next meeting, usually 2 weeks before the ceremony.

The Third Step to get Married

  • The week before the wedding ceremony we have a chat on the phone to finalize the last details. 
  • We discuss the draft of your wedding ceremony preferably already done so via emails.
  • Full settlement of Fees is due at this time.
  • Confirm the wedding ceremony details – time, date, venue address, parking arrangements.
  • We confirm table and chairs are available for the signing of the documents.
  • Confirm the names of your two witnesses, over the age of 18.
  • We will be talking about how the whole wedding ceremony will proceed, and you can practice saying your vows with me so that the phrases will be familiar and comfortable as you make your promises during the Marriage Ceremony.
    WeddingsAfter your Wedding
  • I will register your wedding on the same day with the BDM, and apply on your behalf to the BDM for the official  Marriage Certificate to be sent to your address.
  • Your comments are welcomed on the feedback form.
  • I will be in contact with you 1-2 weeks after your wedding to confirm you have received the official marriage certificate.

Congratulation !!!

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