Tree Planting at a Naming or Wedding Ceremony

Tree Planting, Naming Ceremony

You might want to include a tree planting, naming ceremony. So many young couples today are buying a home either when their children are born, or later on in life. A lovely idea is to include a tree planting in the naming ceremony or at a wedding.
We can plant a tree, shrub, rose bush etc. on the day and place a plaque in front of it commemorating the day. If the size of your yard is big enough a lovely quick growing shade tree is ideal. 
In case you choose to have the ceremony not at home. We can then present a small tree or a shrub in a pot and you can plant it later on in your backyard.

Guests help plant the tree and as they place dirt into the ground. They can then say a few words expressing their wish for the child . (Native Australian Plants are ideal and symbolic).

Another idea is to purchase a tree to be planted in a botanical garden in your city. Once again a plaque could be placed by the tree with wording such as:
“This tree was donated by John and Pam Smith to commemorate the birth of their baby boy Jason Smith born 6/06/2006.
Contact me so we can discuss your up coming ceremony. 

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