Marriage Celebrant at Copes lookout, Kirribilli

Wedding Celebrant Copes lookout, Kirribilli

It was a gorgeous day for Wedding Celebrant Copes lookout, Kirribilli. 
You have the opera house on one side and Sydney bridge on the other side. 
Why not have your wedding ceremony also at this magnificent wedding location.

The Wedding Ceremony

The bride and groom, their two beautiful kids, as well as their whole party, came from Penrith to this magnificent location for a wedding.

So we communicated and planned the whole wedding ceremony via emails and on the phone. It was not a problem at all. We can do that whether you are in Australia or overseas. We planned together how the whole wedding ceremony is going to flow, from where is everyone going to stand, the music, the signing table and more. 

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Contact me anytime so I can guide you and help you on your journey to your big day, your wedding day.
My fee includes all legal work, all the preparations, the Notice of Intended Marriage as well as a beautiful ceremony and above all a stress-free journey for you.

Wedding Celebrant Copes lookout, Kirribilli

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