Wedding Complimentary Package

As your marriage celebrant, you will receive from me my Wedding Complimentary Package to assist in organizing your wedding ceremony. After lodgement of the NOIM, I will email you the wedding package. We will discuss many wedding ceremony ideas that I can suggest to you as well as advice on how the whole ceremony is going to flow.
The Wedding Complimentary Package comes with wedding packages #3 and #4.

Marriage Registration

For the Wedding Ceremony

1- Structure and Guidelines for the script

2- A selection of Readings & Poems (more than 80)

3- Samples of Vows (more than 50 to help you write your own)

4- Samples of Marriage Ceremony scripts (21 samples)

5- Separate sections for the ceremony (to choose from)

6- Wedding Blessings

7- Tips for writing your own vows.

Wedding Complimentary Package

1-Legal requirements Click here

2-Advantages of marrying in Australia click here

3-Overseas visitors wishing to marry in Australia click here

4-Fiance Immigration requirements click here

5-Changing Name Click here

6-Family Relation Service Click here

7-Wedding Preparation Checklist

8-Duties of the Wedding Party

9-Some Tips for a Stress-free Wedding

10-A Picture Perfect Wedding

11- Choosing Flower

12-A Wedding Shower Checklist

13-Budgeting Wedding Costs

14-Free and Funny wedding speeches

15-Pack a small bag

16- Music for your Wedding

17-Non-traditional weddings

18-The History of Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands

19-Wedding in Winter

20-Wedding tradition

21- A list of venues for your ceremony

22- A wedding without spending too much

23- Marriage Education

24- Happily ever after.


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