Wedding Complimentary Package

As your marriage celebrant, you will receive from me my Wedding Complimentary Package to assist in organizing your wedding ceremony. After lodgement of the NOIM and our first meeting, I will email you the wedding package. At our first meeting, we will also discuss many wedding ceremony ideas that I can suggest to you as well as advice on how the whole ceremony is going to flow.
Wedding Complimentary Package comes with wedding packages #3 and #4.

Marriage Registration

For the Wedding Ceremony

1- Structure and Guidelines for the script

2- A selection of Readings & Poems (more than 80)

3- Samples of Vows (more than 50 to help you write your own)

4- Samples of Marriage Ceremony scripts (21 samples)

5- Separate sections for the ceremony (to choose from)

6- Wedding Blessings

7- Tips for writing your own vows.

Wedding Complimentary Package

1-Legal requirements Click here

2-Advantages of marrying in Australia click here

3-Overseas visitors wishing to marry in Australia click here

4-Fiance Immigration requirements click here

5-Changing Name Click here

6-Family Relation Service Click here

7-Wedding Preparation checklist

8-Duties of the Wedding Party

9-Some Tips for a stress-free Wedding

10-A Picture Perfect Wedding

11- Choosing Flower

12-A Wedding Shower checklist

13-Budgeting Wedding Costs

14-Free and Funny wedding speeches

15-Pack a small bag

16- Music for your Wedding

17-Non-traditional weddings

18-The History of Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands

19-Wedding in Winter

20-Wedding tradition

21- A list of venues for your ceremony

22- A wedding without spending too much

23- Marriage Education

24- Happily ever after.


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