Weddings in Sydney with an Experienced Celebrant

Weddings in Sydney

Weddings are always a great milestone, but having a wedding in Sydney is, even more, special and unique. There are so many wedding venues in and around the city. So you can have your wedding ceremony at any location of your choice. Either on the beach, at a restaurant, near the harbour, under the bridge on a cruise, or many more wedding locations. I will assist you with many ideas for locations. 

Cheap Wedding Venues in Sydney

This was a lovely happy full-of laughter wedding ceremony at  Leichhardt town hall. So why not. the bride’s friends decorated the hall beautifully. We could easily keep social distancing with the Pandemic guidelines. We played music on my PA system and it was a lovely happy wedding celebration. 

A wedding location does not have to cost an arm and a leg and my wedding service will always be the same: offering top service to all my couples. We want to make you happy and have an easy journey all the way to your wedding day.

Wedding in Sydney:

  • All legal documentation for your wedding ceremony. 
  • A fully trained and experienced celebrant who puts your needs first.
  • Initial and all unlimited Consultations and communication with me.
  • Witnessing & Lodgment of all legal documents with the BDM
  • A full range of options (scripts, vows, readings, rituals)
  • Providing my Complementary Package.
  • A unique and personalized ceremony celebrating your special story.
  • Typing Draft of Ceremony for your consideration and approval.
  • Preparing a presentation folder for your ceremony- for you as a keepsake.
  • Conducting the Ceremony on the Day and arriving early at the ceremony.
  • Recommendations for affordable reliable wedding suppliers.
  • Check the placement of chairs, table and flowers.
  • Portable PA system so that the ceremony will be heard clearly.
  • So I am there to make you feel relaxed.
  • Forwarding & registering all documents  to State Registry (BDM)
  • Applying for the Marriage Certificate from BDM (optional)Contact me to secure the date and so we can start working together to create a beautiful wedding ceremony for you.       


Dear Orna,
Hi Orna,
Thank you for being our wedding Celebrant. It was a special day and we appreciated all the work and care you had put into it. Working with you made the process easy and we would recommend you to anyone looking for a celebrant.
Please see some photos from the day which we would be happy for you to share.
From Leila and Sam
Wedding Ceremony Sydney, September 2020