A Wishing Well

Wishing Box for Name Days

A bowl or wooden Wishing box well is placed onto a table for guests to place anonymous envelopes. The envelopes can contain some sum of money, in lieu of a present although some guest will also still wish to give a gift.

The invitations will state that this is being done so that the guests aren’t caught out. All money given to the child will then be banked in the child’s own account. In time is will gather interest and grow with the child.

The account is then handed to the child on his or her twenty-first birthday.


Wishes  – You might like to invite guests to bring along a gold coin for your child,  and at some time within the ceremony, I will ask guests to place their lucky coin into a special bowl filled with water, and as they do this they will make a wish for the child. (Later, the coins can be used to open a bank account for your child).


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