Affordable Wedding Celebrant in Sydney

Affordable Wedding Celebrant Sydney

An Affordable Wedding Celebrant Sydney offering Cheap wedding packages in Sydney. You can choose now between quite a few wedding packages to suit your preferences. 

As a Sydney celebrant, I can offer you the option to have your wedding ceremony at my place. Depending on the weather, you can have your ceremony outside in my big green backyard. Otherwise, in case of rain, we can always hold the ceremony in big high-ceiling in doors.

Book a registry wedding in Sydney CHEAPER than at the BDM registry office. You get a much nicer and more personal service and wedding ceremony. As well as your choice of day of the week and time – for the same fee.  

Also available affordable wedding fees for any wedding ceremony any day of the week at any other location of your choice, with a more affordable fee for Mondays till Wednesday weddings. 

All wedding services include

  • Lodgement of the NOIM
  • A beautiful wedding ceremony 
  • Very personal relaxed atmosphere 
  • All the legal paperwork for your wedding
  • Wedding registration and marriage certificate
  • A marriage celebrant in Sydney who can advise & assist
  • A relaxed stress-free journey on your way to your wedding day

Best Registry Office Weddings

A ceremony which is cheaper, friendlier and always nicer when the fee includes all legal paperwork as well as a beautiful ceremony.  Instead of a ceremony at the BDM registry office. 

So it was absolutely my pleasure to work with this couple who are already a family with their two gorgeous young girls, to create the wedding they were dreaming about. It is so special to marry a couple who actually is already a family. It was also extremely significant for the couple that their daughters attended the wedding. And so saw their parents get married. Happy times for the whole family.

It was a cloudy day, but then we were lucky when we had just a few rays of sunshine at midday. And that was just perfect for this budget wedding ceremony. It is all about timing 🙂 as the couple preferred having their wedding ceremony at my place, rather than at the registry office.

You too can choose between the different wedding packages that I offer to suit your own requirements.

Contact me so we can discuss how I can assist you to create a beautiful wedding ceremony.

Affordable Wedding Celebrant Sydney

Affordable Marriage Celebrant for a budget wedding ceremony