Baby Name Day Ceremony Celebrant

Baby Name Giving Celebrant Campbelltown

Baby name giving celebrant Campbelltown.
I officiated at the first born baby girl’s naming day. And now it was my honour as the mum called me again. This time to officiated at the naming ceremony of the little sister, the second beautiful girl.
It is always nice and a great compliment, when parents call you again.

So this time we also talked about the sister’s role in helping to raise the new baby in the family. As well as how the two sisters will grow up and discover life together.
We made the older sister feel very special as she also received a beautiful sibling certificate.
We celebrated both naming day ceremonies at the grandparents’ backyard. The grandparents also organized a beautiful marquee to protect us from the sun. As we know, there should always be plan B, in case it rains or too hot and sunny.

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Baby name giving celebrant Campbelltown

Naming ceremony celebrant Campbelltown