Naming Days Celebrant in Northern Beaches

Baby Naming Ceremony Celebrant Northern Beaches

Baby Naming Ceremony Celebrant Northern Beaches, celebrating the name-giving ceremony for this gorgeous little girl.

Top Northern Beaches celebrant conducting beautiful meaningful wedding ceremonies and naming days.  

So there are many venues for weddings and naming ceremonies on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. 

One beautiful enchanted venue for any ceremony would definitely be this gem location. So it is a little place in Oxford Falls on the northern beaches, Oxford Falls Peace Park, a little building with a green big leafy garden. Such a magical venue for any ceremony.

Oxford Falls Peace Park includes a room that opens onto a large wooden deck overlooking beautifully landscaped grounds. A great location for both naming days and weddings.

I can advise you on many more amazing and very special locations in the Northern Beaches of Sydney.

So we welcomed this young toddler into the family and the community with lots of family and friends around. The father chose to read a really cute cheeky poem, describing the first few years of raising a child.

When you contact me for your child’s ceremony, I will provide you with a FREE great collection of readings and poems you can choose from.

Baby Naming Ceremony Celebrant Northern Beaches

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