At Home – Elegant Backyard Wedding Ceremony

Backyard Wedding

A relaxed still very elegant and professional Backyard Wedding at Sydney marriage celebrant garden. Otherwise, you can have your wedding ceremony in your backyard or anywhere else you choose.

I offer quite a few wedding packages for all couples to choose from. The different packages vary depending on the location and day of the week. 

You can have your low-cost wedding ceremony in my garden. Beautifully prepared, greenery all around, and a huge area for your family and friends. As well as many great spots for your everlasting photos memories. 

Congratulation to this bride and groom, both from the Philippines celebrating their wedding ceremony at my place.

It is always a great idea to include some of the close family members in the ceremony. There are many ways of incorporating family members in the wedding ceremony. Especially when it is the couples’ second time of finding love again. The bride’s two sons walked their mum down the aisle with the couple’s music played over my PA system. The groom’s sons presented the couple with the rings, while two anties were the witnesses.

Contact me any time so we can start planning your very special wedding ceremony too. 

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