Wedding Ceremony at Famous Copes Lookout, Kirribilli

Copes Lookout Wedding Ceremony

Today we celebrated Copes Lookout Wedding Ceremony.

Many more weddings at this location, Copes Lookout, North Sydney. 

So it was another beautiful wedding ceremony at this breathtaking wedding location. A wedding ceremony with Sydney harbour views is always a beautiful event. This time it was this gorgeous young bride and groom’s wedding day. 

It was a mid-morning ceremony, so the park wasn’t crowded at all.
We played the couple’s chosen music from my PA system, which sounded absolutely perfect.
The bride walked towards us and joined the groom and me, while all the guests were sitting, watching a beautiful ceremony with amazing views just behind us. Views of Sydney Harbour, the Opera House and Sydney famous bridge. 
It is no doubt an amazing location for weddings venues whether you are local or from overseas.

Contact me so we can book and secure your wedding date and start planning together your ceremony. 

Copes Lookout Wedding CeremonyCopes Lookout Wedding Ceremony




Hi Orna, here are some pictures from Sunday!
Hope you are had a lovely day and thank you for helping make our wedding effortless and wonderful!
Kind regards,
Wedding Ceremony Isabella and David, October 2017