Wedding Ceremony at the Royal Botanical Gardens Sydney

Botanical Gardens Wedding Sydney

Botanical Gardens Wedding Sydney – this is one amazing huge wedding location for a Garden Wedding Venues Sydney. Just in the heart of the city, you can have your beautiful wedding garden.

There are many garden wedding venues in Sydney, but no doubt this is a major popular one wedding location.

So there are quite a few areas in the gardens, and about twelve breathtaking locations to have your wedding ceremony. You will need to choose and then book a garden for the wedding ceremony and enjoy amazing views of the harbour or the city skyline. 

A wedding ceremony in the Botanical Gardens in Sydney can be a big or just a small gathering. 

This was quite a private midday wedding ceremony for this gorgeous couple. The couple arranged the table and chairs for the signing of the registry as well as chairs for their guests. We worked together on the script for the wedding. I emailed the couple the script a few times and amended it till they were happy with the final draft.

And of course, we played the couple’s chosen song on my PA system for when the bride walked down the aisle with her dad, as well as for signing the registry. 
Using my celebrant’s PA system is a great way to save a bit if you choose not to book musicians for the ceremony. 

Contact me so we can start planning and working together for your ceremony. 

Botanical Gardens Wedding SydneyBotanical Gardens Wedding SydneyBotanical Gardens Wedding Sydney