Fiance Immigration with Wedding Ceremony Celebrant

Prospective Marriage Visa

A Fiance Immigration, Wedding Ceremony Celebrant. If you are in the process of PMV, prospective marriage visa, then contact me. After lodgement of the NOIM, which is valid for 18 months, I can issue you a FREE letter to immigration. That letter can assist with your partner’s immigration process to Australia. 

Letter of Support for Visa

I can assist your partner’s application with a FREE letter to immigration wherever you are in Australia or overseas.

Congratulation to this lovely couple. It took us almost 15 months from the moment we lodged the NOIM to finally get the groom’s fiance here to Australia. Lots of communication, quite a few letters to immigration and much more till the day arrived. The groom was here in Australia the whole time. He was flying over to visit his fiance in Japan every now and then.

And finally, the day has arrived, and we celebrated this big occasion in a beautiful garden wedding at the groom’s parents’ place.

Contact me so I can offer my assistance for your fiance immigration, to arrive here and get married in Australia.

Prospective Marriage Visa

Fiance Immigration, Wedding Celebrant