Jewish Wedding Style Celebrant

Jewish Wedding Ceremony

We celebrate a civil wedding ceremony the way you the couple want it.
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Since it is a civil wedding, while following the Jewish tradition customs, we plan together which of the many Jewish wedding traditions you would like to include in your ceremony. Basically, couples can consider all the possibilities, and then choose only what best suits them.

At this wedding, the groom, even though not Jewish, was very keen on saying the Kiddushin Hebrew.
During the ceremony, I briefly explained what was behind us standing under the chuppah. The chuppah symbolizes the protection of the house over this beautiful loving couple.
And of course, the groom chose the breaking of the glass ritual, not before we reminded everyone of the custom of calling out loud “Mazel tov”.

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Jewish Wedding Celebrant

Jewish Wedding Celebrant

Jewish Wedding Ceremony

Jewish Marriage Celebrant at Gunners Barracks in Mosman

A beautiful fun wedding ceremony at Gunners Barracks. It is an iconic wedding venue in Mosman for many weddings on the North Shore of Sydney.

At each and every ceremony, you can choose to include any of the rituals from the Jewish wedding tradition. It is all going to be the couple’s choice. 

The wedding ceremony took place under the Chuppah on the front deck overlooking the harbour. A beautiful view of the harbour in the background. 

This bride and groom chose to include a few of the Jewish wedding traditions. So we were standing under a beautifully decorated with flowers Chuppah built by some of their friends, and covered with a Tallit. 

First, the groom walked in with his parents, followed by flower girls and two nephews, and came out the bride with her parents. 

We asked the two sets of parents to join us as I explained to the guests why we were standing under the chuppah. They also stayed with us for the kiddush. I then kindly asked the parents to sit down, enjoy the rest of the ceremony while their lovely children tied the knot in a Jewish-style wedding ceremony.

We also had a very special ring bearer – the couple’s cute little dog. 

And of course, the highlight of every Jewish ceremony is with the breaking of the glass. 

Jewish marraige ceremony at Gunners BaracksBreaking of the glass at Jewish wedding ceremonyMosman wedding at Gunners BarakcsKiddush at Jewish wedding