Jonah’s Whale Beach, Sydney Northern Beaches Wedding

Jonah’s Northern Beaches Wedding Celebrant

An amazing venue for Jonah’s Northern Beaches Wedding Celebrant. Even though it was a rainy afternoon, still the venue, Jonah’s Whale Beach is well organized for a wedding ceremony on the undercover balcony overlooking the ocean.
There are many beautiful amazing wedding locations to have your wedding on the northern beaches of Sydney. This would definitely be by far one of the main and most popular ones.
We were surrounded by lots of family members and friends from both sides which contribute and make the event special for the bride and groom.

Jonah’s Wedding

There are also many rituals I can offer you so you can include in your wedding ceremony.

This couple chose the roses for mother ritual as well as a beautiful reading read by the groom’s niece. This ritual acknowledges the many years the mothers dedicated to bringing their children to this very special moment in their lives.

Once you book your wedding ceremony with me, you will also receive a FREE package. In the package, there is lots of information that can help create a beautiful ceremony. Including a collection of beautiful readings, poems, ideas for vows and much more.

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Jonah's Northern Beaches Wedding Celebrant

Jonah’s Northern Beaches Wedding Celebrant