Lisgar Gardens Wedding

Lisgar Gardens Wedding

Lisgar Gardens Wedding in Hornsby can be an absolutely enchanted wedding ceremony. It is a beautiful hillside well-maintained garden not far away from the centre of Hornsby.

Hornsby’s little gem which you can book for three hours from the local council for a very special, private garden wedding. Or actually, for any other celebrations. There is an inclinator allowing everybody to enjoy the gardens, but you’ll need to book it prior to your function by appointment.

There are some benched inside the wooden greenhouse that can accommodate the couple and the guests.  

If you are after a garden wedding in the Hornsby area, there are some beautiful options such as Fagan Park, Crosslands Reserve, Hornsby Park to name a few.  As a Hornsby celebrant, I can advise you on some nice wedding locations in the area. 

Marriage Celebrant Hornsby

You will receive:

  • A fully trained and experienced celebrant who puts your needs first
  • Initial and all unlimited Consultations and communication with me
  • Witnessing & Lodgment of all legal documents with the BDM
  • Providing my Complementary Package  
  • A full range of options (scripts, vows, readings, rituals)  
  • A unique and personalized ceremony celebrating your special story  
  • Typing Draft of Ceremony for your consideration and approval  
  • Preparing a presentation folder of your ceremony- for you as a keepsake  
  • Arriving early at the ceremony
  • I am there to make you feel relaxed
  • Conducting the Ceremony on the Day
  • Check the placement of chairs, table and flowers
  • Portable PA system so that the ceremony will be heard clearly and for your music.
  • Forwarding & registering all documents  to State Registry (BDM)
  • Applying for the Marriage Certificate from BDM (optional)                              

So the couple chose this garden after visiting quite a few gardens in the area. The peacefulness, as well as the tranquillity of the place, definitely attracted them. 

The groom, myself and the guests, were all ready for the bride to walk “down the aisle”. So once the bride came down the inclinator, we played the couple’s chosen music on my PA system. 

The bride’s mum then gave her away. Anyone can give a bride away, or she might choose to walk by herself and join the groom. It is always going to be your choice. 

We had a lovely wedding ceremony, where we talked about how the couple met. How the groom proposed with a plastic ring and why the couple chose this specific garden. 
We always personalize the wedding script to the couple’s ceremony and how they envision their wedding. 

Contact me so we can start to plan and organize together  your wonderful wedding ceremony too. 

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