Marriage Celebrant for Name Day Ceremonies in Windsor

Marriage Celebrant Naming Ceremonies Windsor

Another happy Marriage Celebrant Naming Ceremonies Windsor at Macquarie Park. It is a beautiful park to celebrate any occasion. This was the name giving ceremony to this young boy combined with his first birthday.

Readings and Rituals in a Name Day Ceremony

Parents chose to read their vows, while godparents read some poems from my free selection. As your celebrant, I  provide all parents a big selection of readings and poems they can choose from. Now, anyone can do the reading; parents, godparents, grandparents, any family member or friend or myself.
We can always include any ritual you chose. At this naming day parents chose to take an ink print of their child’s hands. We then read beautiful poems to go with this ritual.
Contact me so we can start plan your child’s very special name giving day. We work together and in the end it is all going to be your choice.