Marriage Celebrant Parramatta at Pemulwuy Lake

Marriage Celebrant Parramatta,
Pemulwuy Lake

A beautiful alternative for a wedding at the Parramatta BDM registry is having your wedding with Sydney celebrant.

You can choose your wedding day, location, no interviews, and an easy simple process to get married. 

A wedding or a name-giving day ceremony with Sydney Marriage Celebrant in Parramatta. 

Pemulwuy Lake. is such a magnificent lake with a beautiful garden and grass around it, just perfect for any ceremony, Whether it is a wedding or naming day.

We always work together to create the ceremony of your dreams.

For a name-giving ceremony –

So parents received from me a complimentary package with lots of information. Information to make a naming ceremony extra special for the child and the family.

There are many rituals we can include in your child’s naming ceremony. So parents chose to incorporate the lighting of the candles in the naming ceremony. First of all the parents lit the main candles, followed by the godparents and then, of course, the grandparents. The lighting of the candles is always accompanied by the right suitable blessings. 

And of course, we hand out beautifully designed certificates to the godparents and grandparents. 

Contact me anytime so we can start planning a ceremony for you too.

Marriage Celebrant Parramatta ,Pemulwuy Lake

Marriage Celebrant Parramatta ,Pemulwuy Lake, naming ceremony