All about Marriage Celebrants

Marriage Celebrants in Sydney

What is a Marriage Celebrant

A marriage celebrant is appointed by the Governor-General under Australian law. After being registered is authorised and has the authority to perform legal marriages under the Marriage Act 1961 in Australia. There are religious celebrants and civil celebrants. There are other ceremonies celebrants can perform which are not legally binding. Ceremonies such as naming days, commitments, renewal of vows and funerals.

Where to find a Marriage Celebrant / How to Find a Marriage Celebrant

Marriage CelebrantYou can find a marriage celebrant in different ways. Most celebrants have websites so you can just surf the net to find the one that is most appealing to you. There is of course word of mouth from family and friends. Different channels of advertising, wedding directories. As well as a list of appointed celebrants of the AG website. 

When to Book a Marriage Celebrant

A couple should book their chosen marriage celebrant as soon as they choose one, and as soon as they know their celebration date. It is a good idea to do it as early as you can to book and secure the date and time. 

What Makes a Good Marriage Celebrant

There are quite a few measurements for a good or rather best marriage celebrant. 

  • An authorized experienced marriage celebrant.
  • A celebrant that is there for you before, along the way as well as after your ceremony. 
  • A celebrant you can relate to and have unlimited communication with anything you need for the wedding.
  • The best celebrant who will work with you to create your desired ceremony. 
  • They will listen to your suggestions and ideas and together put together an amazing script.
  • A great celebrant will be considerate, give you lots of ideas, suggestions and options.
  • One who will at the end of the day make sure that it is all going to be your decision. 
  • A celebrant, that is in control and can handle any situation that might occur. 

What does a Marriage Celebrant Say

There are some legal compulsory wordings celebrants have to say at each wedding ceremony in Australia. This is the monitum and the legal vows couples have to repeat after the celebrant. Other than that, the whole script for the ceremony is open to suggestions and style. Most celebrants will work together with the couple to create a script for the ceremony to suit the couples. 

What do Marriage Celebrants Charge

The fees and charges of celebrants are private and each celebrant will determine their own cost. The fees will vary from one celebrant to another. You should check what each fee covers as there might be hidden costs, such as extra for PA system, extra for a signing table. Otherwise, some celebrants will charge a different fee for a during the week wedding as a pose to a weekend one. And so on.  

What does Marriage Celebrant Do

  • Celebrants have to follow the Code of Practice of the Marriage Act 1961.
  • Attend annual professional development sessions to keep their licence. 
  • Pay annual fees to cover the cost of the government regulation of marriage celebrants.
  • Follow the government’s Advertising Guidelines.
  • Have initial meetings with the couple and all communication.
  • Lease with couples regarding how all ceremonies going to flow. 
  • Lodge the NOIM, witness and receive it. 
  • Checking the identity of all the necessary documentation.
  • Discuss, listen, suggest and apply your ideas for the ceremony.
  • Prepare first and suggested drafts of ceremony for you to approve.
  • A rehearsal if you would like one.
  • Prepare all the certificates and other paperwork for the ceremony.
  • Attend the ceremony with agreed equipment eg PA, signing table.
  • Conduct your desired ceremony on the day.
  • Ensure that all legal requirements are met.
  • Forward  signed the marriage certificate and other documents to the BDM Registry
  • Provide information on ordering the marriage certificate.
  • Register your marriage on the BDM’s registry.

How to Choose a Marriage Celebrant

Make sure you check out their reviews and testimonials on Google and on their website.

Choose an authorized marriage celebrant who can complete all the legal work. 

Talk and communicate with the celebrant you consider hiring for your wedding. Feel the connection, as well as being able to ask any question you might have and getting all the possible support you’ll need.

Choose a celebrant you feel comfortable with and you feel can do the best job for you. Check that they are authorized so that they can complete all the required legal work.

A celebrant that will guide and assist you on a stress-free journey to your wedding ceremony.

Someone who will let you write and say your own vows while helping you put them together if need be. As well as creating together a very personalized ceremony telling your story.