Memorable Stylish & Themed Wedding Ceremony with Marriage Celebrants

Australian Marriage Celebrants

A civil marriage celebrant is appointed by the Attorney General’s Department, in Australia. They are authorized to solemnize weddings in accordance with the 1961 Australian Marriage Act. Besides conducting wedding ceremonies, celebrants can also conduct other ceremonies. Ceremonies like a renewal of vows, commitment ceremonies, baby naming. Some celebrants also conduct funerals and memorial ceremonies. Also, since 2017, when marriage equality became legal in Australia, they can also conduct same-sex marriages.


A civil marriage celebrant in Sydney has to go through training and get qualifications as well before they can claim the title of a celebrant. They need to keep their certification updated annually. This way they ensure that they are up-to-date on the latest developments in the country. With weddings becoming a big and expensive affair, more and more couples are opting for a quiet celebration with just close family and friends. In this case, they will usually choose a celebrant to conduct their civil marriage celebration. This is particularly useful if the couples are from different religions. The celebrant will agree to the choice of locations and will ensure that all the necessary documentation, paperwork, and registration are done appropriately.

Celebrant’s Fee, Wedding Location and Theme

Typical fees for a marriage celebrant may vary depending on the day of the week. Ceremonies from Monday to Thursday charges being around Australian $550 and weekend ceremonies slightly higher around Australian $650. A civil marriage celebrant in Sydney will meet with the couple beforehand to discuss the ceremony they would like. Together they will go over how the proceedings will take place. They may have a choice of different styles, rituals, and locations. This can range from a simple ceremony at home, garden, beach, park, chapel, vineyards or even a themed wedding. Some celebrants will even dress as part of the theme the couple selected. This could be a Star Wars, musical stars like Elvis Presley or others, and even gangster themes.

Certified marriage celebrants can travel anywhere in Australia to conduct the wedding or other ceremonies. So some Sydney residents love to have their wedding ceremony around Sydney Harbour. There are certain procedures a civil wedding has to follow. These procedures are always the same. Whether there is a wedding of a foreign national with an Australian citizen, as well as foreign citizens or tourists. Sydney marriage celebrant, Orna Binder, can help by explaining the visa procedures. As some procedures have to be completed before the prospective bride or groom can arrive in the country. They can also help in getting the documentation ready for processing and together decide on the expected date of the ceremony.