Name Day Ceremony Celebrant Blacktown

Name Giving Ceremony Combined with 1st Birthday

A Name Day Ceremony Celebrant Blacktown. Celebrating the naming day and the first birthday for this gorgeous young toddler.

Many parents choose to combine the two, the name giving day and the child’s first birthday party. You can actually have your child’s naming ceremony at any age. It can be when the child is only a few week, a few months old or a few years old. 
Parents can choose as many godparents as they want. We nominated two godparents and talked about their role and contribution in raising the child. We also mentioned the great part grandparents have in helping the parents. Just like in all other ceremonies, I emailed the parents the script and certificates to check and approve. Together we created a beautiful meaningful name day for this child.

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Name Day Ceremony Celebrant Blacktown

Happy Name Day Ceremony