Name Day Ceremony Celebrant in Quakers Hill

Name Day Ceremony Quakers Hill

A Name Day Ceremony Quakers Hill at the grandparents’ beautiful backyard. We were surrounded by lots of family and friends who came over to take part in such a happy naming occasion. A naming day when we welcome the child into the family and the community. A naming ceremony can take place anywhere you want. Anywhere that suits you. Either at home, in your backyard, any park or reserve. 

Rituals in the Naming Day

Parents chose to release balloons in memory of the grandfather who passed away only a few weeks ago. So we release the balloons in his memory as well as everyone’s best wishes to the child’s future. Parents also chose to light a candle for the child as well as each of the grandparents who also lit their candles with special blessings.

Certificates for the Name Day

At the conclusion of the ceremony, we handed out beautifully designed certificates, such as the naming certificate, certificates to the godparents and different ones to the grandparents. There are quite a few borders for the certificates that you can choose from to personalize them for your child. It is all going to be your choice.

Contact me so we can start to organize and plan together your child’s very special name-giving day.

Name Day Ceremony Quakers Hill

Baby Naming Ceremony Celebrant