Naming Ceremonies Celebrant, Nurragingy Doonside and all suburbs

Naming Ceremonies Celebrant, Nurragingy Doonside

Naming Ceremonies Celebrant, Nurragingy Doonside and all suburbs in and around Sydney.

A naming ceremony can be held anywhere you want. So we can celebrate welcoming your child into the family and the community at home, in the backyard, any park, any Hall.

Today we celebrated at the lovely huge Nurragingy Reserve.
We were lucky with no rain, but there are many shelters around if need be. And there is always lots of space for all the family and friends, and even a huge BBQ after the ceremony.

Contact me so we can start organizing together your child’s naming ceremony.

Naming Ceremonies Celebrant, Nurrugingy Doonside

Naming Ceremonies celebrant, Sydney Celebrant