Naming Ceremony Celebrant in Casula

Naming Ceremony Celebrant Casula

A Naming Ceremony Celebrant Casula. The ceremony was out on the deck of the family’s home. 
It was a fun relaxed afternoon naming ceremony with lots of family and mainly friends around. 
We combined the first birthday together with the naming ceremony for this cute little boy.
We also included the baby’s older brother in the ceremony. He chose to say a few words to his new younger sibling. It is always a good idea to include the older siblings in the naming ceremony, if they agree of course. He then also received a sibling’s certificate.
In name giving ceremonies you can receive up to ten FREE certificates.  Such as, the naming certificate, the godparents, and of course certificates to the grandparents.
So contact me any time.
Let’s start planning your child’s very special name day ceremony.

Naming Ceremony Celebrant Casula

Naming Day Ceremony Celebrant