Naming Ceremony Day Celebrant in Oakhurst

Naming Ceremony Day Celebrant Oakhurst

A Naming Ceremony Day Celebrant Oakhurst – such a beautiful relaxed ceremony.

We held the name giving ceremony at the couple’s backyard.

While organizing a naming ceremony, keep in mind that you can actually have the naming ceremony anywhere you want. It can be either in a park or on a beach, in your backyard or a scout’s hall. Any place that makes you and your guests comfortable. 

So at this ceremony, mum read a cute little poem from the collection of readings and poems in my free complimentary package.  It is a package you receive to help organize naming days. There is a lot of information there to make organizing the day easier.

Parents, godparents and grandparents received certificates. There are quite a few borders for the certificates, which you can choose from. You get up to 10 FREE certificates. 

Contact me any time so we can start planning and organize your child’s naming day.


naming day celebrant Oakhurst

Naming Day Ceremony Day Celebrant Oakhurst