Sydney Celebrant for Name Day Ceremony

Naming Ceremony Sydney Celebrant,
Oakhurst & All Suburbs

Naming Ceremony Sydney Celebrant, Oakhurst. We celebrated today in Oakhurst another happy naming day .
We celebrated the name giving day for this beautiful baby with Sydney celebrant, experienced and popular.
So which rituals can we include in a naming day?
In each name giving ceremony parents can decide which rituals they would like to include, if any.
At this ceremony parents chose to include the lighting of a candle ritual. When the flame is a symbol of a new life coming into the world and the parents’ hopes they have for their child. We were surrounded by lots of family and supportive friends around.
Contact me to book and secure the day and so we can start organize your child’s very special name day ceremony.

Naming Ceremony Sydney Celebrant, Oakhurst