Same Sex Marriage Celebrant for All Weddings

Same-Sex Marriage Celebrant

Same-Sex Marriage Celebrant conducting all-inclusive legal wedding ceremonies. Ceremonies where we can incorporate any rituals and any one of your family to take part in your celebration. Of course, to the extent that you choose.

I can advise you on how to incorporate family members and or friends at your wedding ceremony. As well as direct you to some very meaningful wedding rituals.
All the legal work is included in my fee. Hence, from the lodgement of the NOIM to registering your marriage on the BDM registry.  

Sydney Celebrant For Weddings

It was a lovely wedding ceremony where we included all the children of one of the brides. So together we created a beautiful very inclusive ceremony. The ceremony reflected how the couple wanted the wedding to flow.

We conducted the ceremony inside the gazebo in the beautiful outside area at the Alroy Tavern, Plumpton.

So first walked down the aisle one bride. Once she arrived, standing next to me, the marriage celebrant, she was able to watch her partner also walking down the aisle. 
We played the music via my PA system, which sounded absolutely tranquil and peaceful. 
The couple also chose to include the handfasting ritual. A very symbolic ceremony. We concluded the wedding symbolizing that they are bound together in a spiritual way, rather than any other way. 
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